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Get cozy with our warming HANAH Water

Get cozy with our warming HANAH Water

A lot of magic goes into each HANAH product. Our flagship product HANAH ONE, is a potent superfood blend of wild-harvested herbs, wild Keralan honey, and medicinal Ayurvedic ghee. Not a single ingredient comes packaged or pre-processed. The herbs grow at different times of the year, in various climates,
and require hand-harvesting to preserve both the herbs and their ecosystem.
We’re excited to partner with amazing chefs, athletes, and nutritionists to get creative with your daily intake! 

This recipe is HANAH ONE mixed with hot water to make a deliciously sweet and creamy herbal tea blend. That’s right! HANAH ONE is fantastic alone when mixed with hot (not boiling) water.


  • 3/4 mug of hot water (not boiling)
  • Heaping teaspoon HANAH ONE
  • Add your favorite nut milk for a slight creaminess
  • Add a dash of cinnamon for extra spice

Additional Add-Ins

  • HANAH Vechur Ghee for added richness & creaminess 
  • HANAH Ashwagandha+ is designed to work synergistically with both HANAH ONE and HANAH Vechur Ghee for an additional boost


  1. Simply stir your spoonful of HANAH ONE in the hot water until completely dissolved, or add to the blender for added froth!
  2. Enjoy and bring yourself into balance with this warm blend of nature's most powerful herbs.

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