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Our flagship product, HANAH ONE is a crafted blend of wild-harvested adaptogens and rare superfoods. Based on an ancient Ayurvedic recipe, formulated for modern life.


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Use HANAH ONE everyday to feel your best.

HANAH ONE is meticulously crafted with 34 wild-harvested, whole food ingredients, and nothing else. No fillers, refined sugar, artificial additives, or any other elements that jeopardize your health or performance. Just pure, effective fuel to help you conquer the challenges of modern living.

Restore Health with HANAH ONE

Certified Quality & Tested

We are committed to safety and ensuring our products contain only the purest and highest quality ingredients. We rigorously test for pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, yeast, mold, and salmonella. We take testing very seriously; so much so that we use independent laboratories to test our products twice, first in India before shipping and then again in the US prior to packaging. 

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We harvest ingredients in their native habitats for unmatched purity and quality.


Our foragers and farmers are part of the HANAH family; we pay them well and honor their land.


HANAH ONE provides consistent energy and focus to conquer your day.

HANAH Hero Jimmy Chin in bright red gear on a snowy mountain. Photo by Conrad Anker

Jimmy Chin Tested

Academy Award Winning Director

“I got hooked on taking the combo of HANAH ONE, Ashwagandha+ and Turmeric+ during the filming of 'Free Solo.' This trio noticeably enhanced my focus and energy levels and really bolstered my immune system.”

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Celebrating, Cultivating, and Nurturing

Beyond the Bottom Line

At HANAH, our priorities do not end with creating a high-quality supplement. We believe in building transparent, interdependent, and trackable supply chains that guarantee the purity and potency of our ingredients, safeguarding precious natural resources, and taking care of the people who are at the heart of everything we do.

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Ethical Harvesting - Joel, our Co-founder inquiring about honey bees in Kerala, India.

Ethical Harvesting

Our harvesters don’t cultivate traditional crops in the way of Western agriculture, but instead allow nature to take its course by wild harvesting the desired botanicals in their natural environments on an as needed basis. We rely on a trusted group of local harvesters to collect just enough of each ingredient by hand from the wild, where they grow among hundreds of other botanicals in diverse, pristine ecosystems nourished by mineral-rich soil and natural spring water. Such harvesting is done in a sustainable way that leaves the source unspoiled, so that the herbs can continue to grow year after year. Their deep connection to the land that they inhabit means that every possible measure is taken to avoid upsetting the delicate ecological balance of these treasured habitats.

Joel, our Co-founder, ever-curious about honey bees in Kerala, India.

Supporting multigenerational harvesters - man holding tray of ingredients

Supporting Multi-Generational Harvesters

When it comes to sustainably and ethically sourcing all of our herbs and ingredients, we turn to local harvesters and cultivators who have a deep respect for the environment and the soil. We learn from their centuries of knowledge passed down from generation to generation, the same knowledge and experience that enables them to assist us in creating unique time-tested products and provide us with the purest and most efficacious ingredients on the planet.


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Includes one jar and 12 Go-Packs. Perfect for a month's supply.

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HANAH ONE GO PACK in nature against tree bark and moss HANAH ONE GO PACK in nature against tree bark and moss

Clean Sustainable Energy

Experience all-day energy powered by high-quality, whole food ingredients. No artificial additives, refined sugars, caffeine, or fillers.

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