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HANAH Hero JJ Thomas taking a leap on his snowboard

JJ Thomas

Professional Snowboarder, Coach

Elevate your performance on and off the slopes with a superfood designed for snowboarders and athletes. Maximize your strength, endurance, and recovery, so you can conquer the mountain with confidence. Don't let anything slow you down. It's time to take action and fuel your passion for extreme sports. Unleash your inner champion and dominate the cold, crisp peaks!

Team USA snowboard coach JJ Thomas scoops HANAH ONE from the jar to add into his HANAH ONE nut butter recipe.

"I don’t plan on growing up and stopping the sports that keep me ticking. As you age, it’s essential to align yourself with the right fuel sources. HANAH products are with me wherever I go in the world. They keep me moving and also help keep my immune system up, which we all know is everything. Without our health we have nothing." - JJ Thomas

Increase energy and stamina

Strengthen your immune system

Improve focus and mental clarity