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Professional mountain athlete, filmmaker and photographer Jimmy Chin carrying equipment on expedition in Antarctica

Jimmy Chin

Athlete, Photographer, Skier, Film Director, Author

Dive into the world of elite athleticism and power up with the very same superfoods that fuel today's top extreme sports athlete. With every bite, you're tapping into the essence of unparalleled endurance, strength, and vitality. Why settle for ordinary when you can consume like a champion? Boost your everyday with the gold standard of nutrition!

A jar of HANAH Turmeric, a HANAH ONE Go-Pack, and a jar of HANAH Ashwagnahda sit side by side on a white background. A circular portrait photo of Jimmy Chin is in the top left of the image to indicate that these three products are favorites of his. Together, these three product are the HANAH Jimmy Chin Signature Series product bundle.

"I got hooked on taking the combo of HANAH ONE, Ashwagandha and Turmeric during the filming of 'Free Solo'. This trio noticeably enhanced my focus and energy levels and really bolstered my immune system." - Jimmy Chin

Increase energy and stamina

Strengthen your immune system

Improve focus and mental clarity