Sourced from the pristine mineral-rich lands of Bhutan and made using traditional Bhutanese medicine practices, HANAH Cordyceps+ is a combination of Cordyceps sinensis, a rare and powerful type of Himalayan medicinal mushroom, with eight other herbs and minerals known for their potent healing properties. These herbs have been used together for thousands of years in traditional Bhutanese medicine to support mental and physical stamina, vitality and immunity.

The cordyceps mushroom is an extremely rare adaptogen. Used for thousands of years in traditional Bhutanese medicine, our Cordyceps sinensis is wild harvested at high altitudes directly from the ghost moth caterpillar in its natural habitat—the Himalayas of Bhutan. This adaptogenic medicinal mushroom contains over 50 different types of enzymes, including coenzyme Q10, all of which play a vital role in enabling the body to absorb nutrients. Often nicknamed the ‘athlete’s ally,’ it is known for its ability to enhance athletic performance using one of its superstar ingredients, adenosine triphosphate. Once reserved only for royalty, Cordyceps still reigns as one of the most potent tonics in all of Eastern medicine.

HANAH Cordyceps+ is the first product of its kind to use naturally-grown Cordyceps sinensis harvested directly from the ghost moth caterpillar, boosting both potency and purity.

The jar contains 30 capsules of Cordyceps+. We suggest taking two to three capsules daily to support mental and physical stamina, vitality and immunity.

We recommend taking this product with the healthy fats and 30 herbs in HANAH ONE to increase absorption.

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