3 Go-Pack Sampler

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Add three HANAH ONE Go-Packs to your order with our sampler to throw in your gym bag or give to a friend.
How to Use

Everyday morning, afternoon or evening in your smoothie, in a cup of warm (not hot) coffee, tea or water.
Or simply enjoy it by itself straight from the packet!

  • Increase energy and stamina
  • Improve focus and mental clarity
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Improve digestion
Serving Size

One serving size is two tsp.
Each of the 12 individual go-packs contains two servings.

Shelf Life

18 months

HANAH ONE Go-Pack, a daily superfood and herbal supplement, held in a hot spring water


Eliminate mid-afternoon mental fog, improve focus and mental clarity, raise energy levels, increase stamina, and boost your immune system.

HANAH ONE provides a sustainable, slow burn of energy with effects that last and build over time. The 30 herbs in HANAH ONE each have a role of their own, but more importantly, they are working together to deliver maximum results. The benefits of these herbs, adaptogens and nootropics have been well documented and proven over thousands of years.

Now all this is available in a convenient, on-the-go packet!

Experience the convenience of HANAH ONE Go-Packs, your daily multivitamin packs, and the best daily supplements for health all in one. Each box contains 12 handy supplement packets of our flagship Ayurvedic superfood, ensuring you never miss a day of this essential addition to your routine.

HANAH ONE works by harnessing the potent benefits of ancient Ayurvedic herbs and pure, hand-harvested honey to promote holistic well-being. This extraordinary superfood blend combines nutrient-dense ingredients like Ashwagandha and Shatavari to support overall vitality. The adaptogenic properties of these herbs help the body adapt to stress, boost energy levels, and enhance mental clarity. With HANAH ONE, you can conveniently integrate the power of nature into your daily routine. Whether you're an athlete seeking peak performance or someone looking for a natural way to thrive in the modern world, HANAH ONE provides a comprehensive solution for your physical and mental needs. Experience the transformative effects of HANAH ONE and unlock your full potential, naturally.

Snowboarder in the field holding a HANAH ONE Go-Pack, a daily superfood and herbal supplement.

Don't miss a beat on your adventures - grab HANAH ONE Go-Packs today! These convenient on-the-go packs are your secret weapon for sustained energy and well-being. Seize the opportunity to elevate your active lifestyle and boost your daily routines. Try HANAH ONE Go-Packs now and embark on a journey towards a more energized and balanced you. Your active life, powered by nature, begins here. Get ready to GO!


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use HANAH ONE Go-Packs?

HANAH ONE can be used in a variety of ways. Eat it straight from the pack, or put two teaspoons into your morning smoothie, cup of warm (not hot) coffee, tea or water. You could also try one of the recipes we have on our website. Full stomach, empty stomach, morning, evening—it’s up to you. The effects of HANAH ONE are cumulative so we urge you to take it every day.

Why should I use HANAH ONE Go-Packs?

HANAH ONE is a unique blend of 34 whole food ingredients that work together as a clean, effective source of energy. Unlike conventional energy-boosting products that rely on sugar, caffeine, and artificial additives, HANAH ONE is formulated with wild harvested, natural ingredients and nothing else. No fillers, artificial additives, herbicides, pesticides, or anything else that could jeopardize your health or the efficacy of the ingredients. 

What do HANAH ONE Go-Packs do?

HANAH ONE is based on an ancient Ayurvedic rasayana recipe that works to promote nutrition at all levels—from macro to micro-cellular level. The result is sustained energy, increased endurance, heightened focus and mental clarity, a stronger immune system and improved digestion. 

When will I feel the effects of HANAH ONE Go-Packs?

When it comes to herbal remedies, results can vary from person to person. However, we're able to distill learnings from thousands of years of Ayurvedic medicinal history, our customers' experiences and our own personal experiences to share what you can likely expect. You should start to feel the effects within 1-2 weeks of consistent, daily use. The effects are cumulative and will build and strengthen over time, so we strongly recommend you take it every day.

Who should use HANAH ONE Go-Packs?

HANAH ONE is suitable for any adult who would like to improve their everyday health, wellness and performance. Please be advised that reactions and sensitivities to herbs do vary. If you have detailed questions about your individual needs and sensitivities to certain ingredients, it’s always best to consult with an herbalist or healthcare provider.

Are HANAH ONE Go-Packs compatible with my diet or dietary restrictions?

HANAH products are completely free of gluten, wheat, soy, caffeine and GMOs. HANAH ONE Go-Packs do contain ghee and honey, making it a non-vegan product.

WARNING: HANAH products are processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts. In addition, the HANAH Coffee Boost line of products contain coconut milk powder, and the FDA classifies coconuts as a tree nut. If you have detailed questions about your individual needs and sensitivities to certain ingredients, it’s always best to consult with an herbalist or healthcare provider.

Can I take HANAH ONE Go-Packs with other supplements? What about medications?

HANAH ONE is generally safe to take with other supplements. In fact, the healthy fats in its formula can improve the bioavailability of other supplements when taken together. However, when it comes to medications, we legally cannot provide any medical advice. We suggest reaching out to your health care practitioner or herbalist if you are concerned about taking our products with other medications or supplements.

What lab tests are done on HANAH ONE Go-Packs?

We rigorously test every batch of product in the country of origin at a licensed reputable independent laboratory for pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, yeast, molds, salmonella and other contaminants. We ensure every batch contains only the highest quality herbs and ingredients. 

Why do HANAH ONE Go-Packs contain sugar? 

In Ayurvedic medicine, natural sugars are necessary to the body. Along with the honey, ghee and sesame oil in HANAH ONE, raw unprocessed sugar serves as a catalytic agent (anupana) to carry the 30 herbs deep into body tissues and the brain. It also increases the tonic effect of the herbs and acts as a preservative (samvahaka dravya) which helps to safeguard the efficacy of the formula. Two teaspoons of HANAH ONE contain 6g of natural sugars. These all natural sugars come from wildcrafted honey and pure raw sugar cane. HANAH uses no refined sugars, ever. For reference, a medium peach has 13g of natural sugar and a medium apple has 19g.

Is the HANAH ONE Go-Pack packaging recyclable/compostable? row

The Go-Pack packaging is not compostable, but is recyclable. This packaging has other environmental advantages such as requiring 90% less plastic and 50% less materials overall than bottles/tubes of the same capacity. One hundred percent of the electricity used in the production of this packaging is offset with clean, renewable wind energy.

Do HANAH ONE Go-Packs contain caffeine?

No. HANAH ONE Go-Packs do not contain caffeine or stimulants.

Where do you source your honey?

The honey in HANAH ONE Go-Packs is sustainably collected by the tribal communities in the forests of the Western Ghat mountains in Kerala, India. This allows us to source the highest quality wild, multi-floral mountain honey, while the resulting increase in demand brings the tribal societies work and revenue. These forests are part of the Western Ghats, one of the world’s biodiversity hotspots and honey collecting is a major means of livelihood for the forest-dependent communities. The Keralan Dept of Api Culture oversees and monitors the health of the bee population and supports the tribal communities. 

Why is it recommended to use warm water instead of boiling water for HANAH ONE?

Although the herbs and oils in HANAH ONE can withstand boiling temperatures, the molecular structure of honey is delicate and can be denatured when introduced to boiling water (212 °F/100 °C). And given just how special our wild honey is—with its antibacterial, antioxidant, antiviral properties with loads of natural vitamins and minerals that can help stave off congestion, sinus issues and even the common cold— t’s best if you let the liquid cool down to a drinkable temperature (104 °F/40 °C) before mixing in HANAH ONE.