3 Go-Pack Sampler

3 Go-Pack Sampler

Enjoy HANAH ONE Go-Packs with our convenient 3-pack sampler. Used by athletes, entrepreneurs, and yogis alike, HANAH ONE is an Ayurvedic superfood supplement made from 30 wild-harvested botanicals in a base of Keralan mountain honey, artisanal ghee and sesame oil for optimal absorption by your body. Some of its active ingredients are turmeric, ashwagandha, amalaki and shatavari. 

This synergistic blend is created specifically for our modern lives and the daily stressors that take a toll on our minds and bodies. It is formulated to support long-term health and improve focus, mental clarity, endurance, and digestion as well as strengthen the immune system.

The benefits of HANAH ONE are cumulative. In order to experience the full benefits it must be taken every single day. We cannot emphasize this enough.

3 squeezable packs designed for active people on the go, road warriors, athletes and anyone with a busy fast-paced lifestyle. Just tear and squeeze!

Each batch of HANAH ONE is independently tested for pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, yeast, mold and salmonella.

Allergen information: This product is processed in a facility that also processes tree nuts.

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