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Kit’s turmeric tonic

Kit’s turmeric tonic


We all know that turmeric has so much potential to help our body with inflammation, digestion and even is a powerful anti-oxidant. Why not double down with tea and a dose of HANAH ONE with HANAH Hero Kit DesLauriers? 

Champion skier, accomplished ski mountaineer, published author, and frequent history maker, Kit DesLauriers’ roster of accolades are awe inspiring. She is the first person to ski from all the Seven Summits after climbing them first. She is the first woman to win two consecutive world freeskiing championship titles. You can see why she was National Geographic’s Adventurer of the Year in 2015 and one of Outside Magazine’s Top 25 Athletes of the Year. Living in the Teton Range of Wyoming with her husband Rob and two daughters, she continues to balance an athletic career, epic ski expeditions, raising a family, and advocating for the environment.

“I love cultivating awareness of how certain foods, movements, training modalities, mental practices and habits affect my personal being as an athlete and as an all-around person seeking optimal health and happiness. In this pursuit it’s often necessary to add things in as well as let them go in order to figure out if they truly have a positive effect. Our lives are too precious to take someone else’s word for what works.

Since friend Jimmy Chin gave me my first jar of HANAH ONE three years ago, I’ve played around with putting it into my life and taking it out. What I’ve found is that even with the travel, parenting, work and training schedule I keep, the only cold virus I’ve caught in three years was this past holiday season when I let myself get run down and wasn’t taking HANAH ONE. Don't trust me, test it out for yourself!” — HANAH Hero Kit DesLauriers

Kit's turmeric tonic recipe:


  • 1 bag turmeric tea (Numi makes a great one)
  • 1 teaspoon HANAH ONE
  • 1 teaspoon raw unfiltered honey


  1. Steep tea according to directions on bag.
  2. Add HANAH ONE, honey and enjoy!

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