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HANAH Turkish coffee from adventure illusionist Rich Manley
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HANAH Turkish coffee from adventure illusionist Rich Manley

I have tried many types of superfoods in my search for natural and organic methods to keep me fueled throughout the day. Whether it is adventuring, performing magic in remote areas around the world, or planning my next travels, I need a fuel source that will help me to maintain my lifestyle and sustain my energy levels. I have been taking HANAH products now for six months and can feel a drastic difference in my energy and endurance throughout the day. Also, I have not been sick! The feeling of burnout and the forbidding doom of being sick is squashed with a handy Go-Pack of HANAH ONE

I have made it a daily routine to take my Turkish Coffee in the morning (an addiction I picked up from my travels to Egypt) including HANAH ONE, Ashwagandha+ and Vechur Ghee. On long days of training, climbing, or adventures on land or sea, I will also make black tea mixed with Ashwagandha+, Vechur Ghee, royal honey and coconut oil to take with me. 

I am a huge fan of HANAH and strongly recommend it  for any active individuals who want to maintain that mental and physical edge, and push through that extra mile! Hats off to you guys for a fantastic supplement." –  Rich Manley 

Rich Manley, master illusionist and HANAH lover

Rich Manley Adventure Illusionist

Inspired in a life of magic, knowledge and health

Rich is an adventure illusionist using magic to break cultural barriers while investigating man-made ecological catastrophes, indigenous cultures, and other compelling stories. Inspired and following in the footsteps of his grandfather, a doctor adventuring to remote areas around the world in search of esoteric medical knowledge and magic. 

We love sharing Rich’s passion for life and story, and his how HANAH has helped to fuel him through life’s adventures. If you have a story of how HANAH has benefited you in any way, we’d love to hear it! Please email us at with your story for a chance to be featured and get connected with our HANAH Ambassador program. Thank you for your support of our mission to bring ancient remedies to the modern world. 

Turkish Coffee Recipe



  1. Add Turkish coffee grinds, raw sugar, Ashwagandha+ and Vechur Ghee to a pot
  2. Add water and place over medium heat
  3. Stir in HANAH ONE
  4. Under medium heat wait for the coffee brew to start bubbling and frothing at the lip of the pot, then immediately remove from stove. 
  5. Serve in a small espresso cup and enjoy!

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