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HANAH has simplified the complexitites of sourcing, harvesting and blending its ingredients down to these three simple principles.

We source only the purest ingredients grown in their native environments that are wild-harvested by local harversters and herb collectors. And we produce all of our ingredients honoring ancient traditional methods to ensure they retain their original purity and quality. As a result, our products deliver results you will feel.

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HANAH ONE Superfood Fudge

With a perfect balance of warming spices, this fudge fits right in with your chilly afternoon cup of tea. The cinnamon and protein help your body effectively metabolize sugar to avoid the sugar crash often associated with a sweet snack. A generous dose of HANAH ONE nestled into this creamy treat will give you the boost you need to take on the rest of your day with ease, and please that sweet tooth!

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Working backwards from results to create the HANAH ONE formula

When HANAH founder Joel Einhorn began his trips to India to learn more about the healing power of the herbs that had helped him recover from a calamitous bicycle accident, he sought the advice and guidance of Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Venugopal (Dr.V) Feeling like it was his duty to share the restorative properties of the botanicals that helped give him back his vitality, Joel didn't aimlessly wander among the thousands of prospective ingredients that could comprise an efficacious blend. Instead, Dr.V asked him what he wanted the final formula to offer to all those who took it.



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