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HANAH’s commitment to results

HANAH’s commitment to results

Delivering results you will feel

Our HANAH Heroes include many of the best alpinists, snowboarders, surfers, explorers and filmmakers on the planet. For those who operate every day in extreme conditions – whether that’s Ian Walsh carving the face of 70-foot waves at Peahi or Travis Rice slaying virgin pow in a remote corner of Alaska – how they perform is literally a matter of life and death. For others, the margin of error that lies between success and failure is razor thin. So our Heroes cannot settle for anything less than the best when it comes to what they’re putting in their bodies, because they know that input largely dictates output. Few people undergo more extreme pressures than our Heroes. So what better group to put our botanicals to the test?

As the ingredients of HANAH ONE and our other products literally have their roots in ancient medicinal practices that have been utilized for four thousand years, our products buffer the stressors of modern living; they deliver results you will feel.

What purity, quality, results means to us

This is where the purity and quality elements of our PQR combine to deliver results. As every ingredient we use in HANAH ONE and our other products is sustainably and ethically sourced from wild-harvested botanicals in unspoiled locales in Kerala, India and the Kingdom of Bhutan, we know that they are as pure as it gets. And due to the fact that we ensure our partners only supply us with their best raw materials, use traditional processing methods and bottle them in a timely manner at the point of production, we’re confident in the quality of our products. Just to make sure, we put every batch through stringent internal inspection and independent testing.

Our rigorous processes and attention to detail ensures that HANAH ONE, Shilajit+, Cordyceps+, and our other offerings deliver consistent results. Dr. Venugopal, an Ayurvedic practitioner in Kerala who worked closely on the original HANAH ONE formulation continues to guide us today. He explains the secrets behind the efficacy of our unique blend best: “HANAH ONE is the transformation of many ingredients together,” he said. “The herbs combine to produce a synergistic effect, which creates efficacy in many different systems in the body. This is a function of the formula, selecting the right herbs, and processing them with traditional methods. If you take something only for the lungs, then you only get that one benefit. But when you combine multiple ingredients and process them in a way recommended by the Ayurveda textbooks, you experience many benefits and high absorption.”

As the ingredients of HANAH ONE and our other products literally have their roots in ancient medicinal practices that have been utilized for four thousand years, our ingredients can help buffer the stressors of modern living.

What can HANAH do for me?

For some, the benefits are physical. Jimmy Chin takes three HANAH products as he blazes new trails in filmmaking, photography, and alpinism. “I got hooked on taking the combo of HANAH ONE, Ashwagandha+ and Turmeric+ during the filming of Free Solo,” Jimmy said. “This trio noticeably enhanced my focus and energy levels and really bolstered my immune system.”

Others report experiencing cognitive benefits from using HANAH products as part of their daily wellness routines. “I swear HANAH ONE is one of the only things that I can feel as it goes into my body—I’m immediately energized and I just feel better,” said freeskier Angel Collinson. “When I use it, my body burns energy cleaner—like it is more efficient at utilizing the fuel I put into it, and my endurance is way better.”

One of Angel’s frequent collaborators, fellow big-mountain shredder Mark Abma, combines several HANAH products to help him transition from a hectic winter to a calmer spring. “This past couple of years, I’ve started giving myself the time to rest that I need. I’ll sleep as long and as late as possible over the next few weeks. Instead of drinking coffee – which I drank a lot of this winter and loved – I’m putting dandelion powder in hot water with HANAH products in the morning. I’m taking HANAH Turmeric+ to help my sore back and knees, HANAH ONE for overall wellbeing, and HANAH Ashwagandha+ to get my adrenals back to normal.”

Everyday people love HANAH too

It’s not just people who surf giant waves, ski massive lines, or shoot Oscar-winning films that are benefiting from the natural advantages that HANAH ONE and the rest of our product family provides. Everyday heroes like all of us are also seeing profound changes in their health and wellbeing.

Customer Robert K. reports that HANAH ONE helps him be at his best whether he’s working or playing. “Drivers for how I live my life are to enjoy an active lifestyle that keeps me engaged and to have a positive impact on the world,” he said. “HANAH ONE is one of the tools to provide me with the health energy to effectively engage in ice climbing, alpine climbing, sky racing, and fly fishing. It also has enabled me to continue to build and grow my technology consulting firm and work with leading hospitals across the country. Lastly, the people I meet on these endeavors enable me to explore new horizons.”

Sometimes taking HANAH ONE can even prompt someone to completely change their lifestyle for the better. “I am not an athlete,” Emily F. told us. “In fact, prior to taking HANAH ONE I had a completely sedentary lifestyle. Lately, I've started doing cardio and yoga and I feel amazing. My friends hum ‘Eye of the Tiger’ when I put on my running shoes. Thank you, HANAH, this is truly a superfood.”

What does success look like?

We measure success by the results we achieve. The endeavor or task does not matter. Who you are does not matter. We are all heroes in our own way. At HANAH we focus the purity of our ingredients, we focus on the way in which they are manufactured, we focus because we want to deliver products we will take ourselves, products that will deliver results you will feel.

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