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Article: Introducing Angel Collinson, HANAH Hero

Introducing Angel Collinson, HANAH Hero

Introducing Angel Collinson, HANAH Hero

Meet Angel Collinson

Angel Collinson grew up skiing in the heart of the Wasatch. And while she has ventured out for every sort of adventure, always returns home to Utah. She was also living out of a van before it was the cool thing to do, playing in the big Western mountains with her parents and brother. Angel is a true ambassador for protecting the planet and we’re proud she takes HANAH with her on her epic journeys.

Angel's HANAH ONE Review:

“I've been putting the HANAH ONE in my smoothies every morning (the spices in it make all my smoothies taste delicious) or if I'm feeling like I need a boost I will just eat a scoop or Go-Pack before, during or after a workout. I swear HANAH ONE is one of the only things that I can feel as it goes into my body - I feel immediately energized and I just feel better. I feel that when I've been using it, my body burns energy cleaner - like it is more efficient at utilizing the fuel I put into it, and my endurance is way better.” 

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