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Tim Eddy & Easy Giant take HANAH ONE on the road

Tim Eddy & Easy Giant take HANAH ONE on the road

This fall we followed Tim Eddy as he went on a rocking tour of Europe with his band Easy Giant. While he and his wife choose to live out of their truck throughout their travels in the USA, this trip with bandmates and all their gear was a bit different. He tells us how he managed to stay healthy while balancing a hectic touring schedule (hint, it involves HANAH ONE). Tim is a professional snowboarder and advocate for climate change activism group, Protect our Winters (POW).

On the road

Ten days, eight countries, nine shows, fourteen people, and one double decker tour bus. That sums up how our band Easy Giant teamed up with longtime snowboard film producer Absinthe Films for the European tour of their new movie “Turbo Dojo.” It was a whirlwind of awesome to say the least! The goal of this Fall tour is to stoke the fire for the upcoming winter as well as get everyone excited and thinking snowflakes. I’ve prepared mentally and physically for the winter season ahead through consistent mountain biking, skateboarding, stretching and being conscious about what I eat. The first things I packed for the tour were my cymbals, skateboard, yoga mat, and a healthy supply of HANAH ONE. As long as I have it, I know I’m good to go anywhere and everywhere!

HANAH ONE Turbo Dojo Tim Eddy Day in the life European Vacation Absinthe Films

Day in the life

Wake up as the tour bus docks at a new city, explore new city, load in gear to the venue, sound check, play music for a whole bunch of rowdy & radical snowboarders, breakdown gear, pack up tour bus before it hits the road, sleep, and and do it all over again! 

It was late nights with little sleep, hustling to nourish ourselves during ‘downtime’, and a whole lot of chaos. It wasn't always easy to corral the focus and energy needed to play live shows every night. I immediately fell into my morning routine of a hot cup of HANAH ONE, HANAH Ashwagandha, and local honey I scored from my friend Gigi’s beehive in Austria. That one amazing cup of dense and diverse nutrition greatly eased the pressure of finding healthy eats in unfamiliar cities. I then went exploring to find a local skatepark for a quick reset, checked out the local cuisine and then threw in a quick yoga workout before every show; ready with a focused, clear and relaxed mind and body. Performing music and riding a snowboard requires such similar preparation – so I just adopted the same travel formula I use on snowboard trips… I pack a snowboard, a yoga mat, and a healthy supply of HANAH.

Tim Eddy Turbo Dojo on tour with Absinthe Films

Simple Travel Recipe



  • Combine all ingredients in mug. Enjoy!

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