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HANAH Hero Angel Collinson's favorite coffee recipe

HANAH Hero Angel Collinson's favorite coffee recipe

HANAH Hero and professional freeskier Angel Collinson shares her favorite coffee recipe using HANAH Ashwagandha+, Vechur Ghee and our flagship product HANAH ONE. Learn why she loves adding these HANAH superfoods to her morning boost of caffeine and how she uses them on the road. 

"The healthy fats from the Vechur Ghee and coconut oil attach to the caffeine from the coffee to allow a slow release of energy over time, without the spike and crash you'd normally feel." - Angel Collinson

Check out a day in the life of Angel Collinson in our Rituals video, where she shares how she recharges with family in Salt Lake City, Utah here.

And try her go-to winter smoothie recipe using HANAH ONE and HANAH Ashwagandha+ here.



  1. Place all ingredients into a blender - adding hot coffee last
  2. Blend on low until desired frothiness is achieved 
  3. Enjoy!



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