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Article: Yoga, lifestyle, and diet

Yoga, lifestyle, and diet

Photo Matthew Cane HANAH ONE Yoga Lifestyle and Diet

Yoga and Ayurveda go hand-in-hand. They are two aspects of a healthy, happy life. Their relationship is commonly defined like this: Ayurveda is the science and yoga is the practice of the science. We like to say Ayurveda is the knowing and yoga is the doing.

This world in all its plurality, with all its differences, with the many eco-conditions, the cultures, lifestyles, diets, and individual personalities needs something which can keep life‘s rhythms smooth. Both yoga and Ayurveda give guidelines and directions for maintaining health and happiness in this three dimensional world.

Yoga is a great boon to mankind because it shows how you can be yourself in contradictory situations by keeping your inner rhythm. Yoga teaches one to develop mastery of oneself. In addition to the teachings of how to move and stretch your body, yoga teaches a healthy diet and lifestyle as well.

Ayurveda literally means ‘the science of life’. Ayurveda is basically a philosophy that explains the factors that decide individual nature of a human being and then give guidelines for understanding and managing these traits. Ayurveda tells us how to be healthy in all functions  as well as maintain our rhythms through all conditions.

Our inner rhythm determines our health. When we are healthy, our rhythm is undisturbed. When our rhythms (or, life energy) are disturbed, we call that condition sickness. So, maintaining the rhythm is the goal for a well lived life.

Instead of waiting for sickness, Ayurveda teaches that we can take preventative health measures to strengthen ourselves against the pressures that can break this rhythm of life. These preventative therapies are called rasayana. Rasayanas are nutritional supplements that can remove blocks and strengthen our rhythms, giving us more vitality. Rasayanas can be taken regularly by all people, across age groups.

In the past, rasayanas were used to protect against bacteria, poor nutrition and lack of hygiene. Today, modern life has removed most of these health issues from our lives. Today, we suffer from another health threat entirely: our life rhythms are thrown off by stress.

The modern human needs a food supplement that is natural, traditional, nutritive, immune protective, and improves vitality. We need a modernized rasayana that is created to combat the various stressors. HANAH ONE is that rasayana.

With the daily practice of yoga, HANAH ONE can help bring your body, mind and spirit into an optimal state. Before yoga, create a ritual of sipping your HANAH ONE tea or smoothie in a quiet space. As you sip your rasayana, reflect on the health it will bring and prepare yourself for your yoga class. Enjoy the synergistic effect that yoga and HANAH ONE have on your body, mind and spirit.

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Enjoy some HANAH in your life.




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