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4 ways to increase natural energy for optimal performance and long-term health

4 ways to increase natural energy for optimal performance and long-term health

The quest for more energy, naturally

We are all in search of increased natural energy to enhance our modern lifestyle. In fact, fatigue is the most common complaint to doctors today. Science has shown that there are some lifestyle changes we can make to up our energy in small doses over time. Improved sleep is one of these, but who has time for over seven hours of that anymore!? Regular exercise, a natural and organic diet of whole foods, drinking water, massage, colon and liver cleansing, and hormone balancing are all ways we can reboot ourselves naturally and increase our sustained energy. But what if we want to grow our stamina in a bigger dose and need to do so sooner than later? You might try one of these:

Energy drinks

In 1997, the first energy sodas emerged on the scene. Their timing was perfectwe were thirsty for them as our busy lives sped up. Unlike a hot cup of coffee, we could stash one in our packs and bring it into the backcountry or on long road trips. The average energy soda packs 111 milligrams of caffeine, taurine, guarana, ginseng, and vitamins B6 and B12, but they also could have up to a whopping 37 grams of sugar! With these drinks, you get one extra run on the slopes, but the effects quickly wear off and sometimes with a bad energy crash. 

Vitamin Bs

Many natural health practitioners believe that B-complex vitamins, especially B12 and niacin, are natural energizers. The isolated vitamins themselves do not give your body energy, but instead the calories from the food that contain Bs in the form of glucose do. It’s a good thing that Bs are found in many whole food sources! Your body’s cells break down glucose into an important molecule commonly known as ATP, which is the form of energy that cells use to power their life-sustaining operations. Simply put, if your cells couldn’t generate ATP, you would die. B vitamins play essential roles in the complex biochemical machinery that breaks glucose into ATP, thus releasing actual energy from the food we eat and making it possible for your body to use the energy.

Ancient herbs

The most recognized herbal supplement for energy is ginseng. There are 11 or so different varieties of Panax ginseng, which is considered true ginseng because it is the most potent form of the herb. Siberian, Chinese or American ginsengs are considered less effective, but still haunt the same shelves and online supplement stores, making it a tangled web of discovery for the novice.  

Once you find a reputable company and a mode of delivery that works for you, ginseng’s reported benefits are impressive. They include improving memory, lifting depression, treating sexual dysfunction, preventing cancer, improving lung function and boosting the immune system.

Ayurvedic superfood blends

HANAH ONE is a blend of 30 ancient herbs set in a base of wild honey and Ayurvedic ghee for optimal nutrient delivery. The renowned herbs in this blend have stood the test of time. For instance, ashwagandha (aka Indian ginseng) has many of the same benefits of Panax ginseng, including improving energy, regulating the immune system, increasing vitality, enhancing sexual potency, fighting cancer, regulating blood sugar, and reducing anxiety and depression. Another power herb in the blend, gotu kola, has been called the “herb of enlightenment” and is known to improve memory function, increase intelligence, rebuild the nervous system, reduce stress and fatigue, and alleviate depression.

The 30 herbs in HANAH ONE each have a role of their own, but are also working together for maximum effect. HANAH ONE ventures beyond the science of supplements and reintroduces us to the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda. The mere ten grams of natural cane sugar per tablespoon and high-integrity fats of the blend’s free-range ghee and sesame oil sends the herbs deeper into your tissues while dispersing them throughout your entire body.

HANAH ONE provides not a punch or a flight, but a sustainable, slow burn of stamina with effects that last and build over time. This blend can easily be slipped into your morning smoothie, coffee or tea, or you can smear it onto some toast with extra ghee and Himalayan sea salt. Taking it daily allows us to flow smoothly through our life without abrupt amps and downward dips. It’s a balanced and clean energy source that provides your body with much-needed nourishment to take on our fast-paced days.

HANAH ONE product page

Author Megan Henderson is a mom, yoga teacher, former organic farmer and a writer living in Boulder, Colorado, where she grows nightshades and three children while drinking homemade kombucha under the suburban starlight.



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