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HANAH ONE & a tonic bar on the north shore of O'ahu

HANAH ONE & a tonic bar on the north shore of O'ahu

Back in November, we were lucky enough to share our HANAH ONE product and drink recipes with 2,500 people at an alcohol-free tonic bar during the Summit at Sea event. The experience was amazing; the vibe was elevated, the drinks were beyond amazing and everyone was enjoying this new type of social bar feeling, sans alcohol.

The question was, “What’s next?” We wanted to bring the tonic bar concept to more people, and we know that many people who like our product do yoga at least twice a week. We had also been giving HANAH ONE to surfers in Hawaii for a while, and they loved it.

So, we made plans to host another tonic bar during the Wanderlust Festival on the legendary North Shore of Oahu at the end of February, knowing that the combination of yoga and Hawaiian surf culture would be a perfect fit for us.

The team worked diligently with Sharon and Colter from Elixart (who we met on Summit@Sea) to build a cozy little tonic bar for the event.

As momentum built toward our arrival, we heard that the North Shore was experiencing the biggest swell on recorded history, and the Quiksilver surfing event, “The Eddie Aikau Invitational,” was potentially going to run on the day after we arrived. This event happens only when the waves are huge, and it hasn’t happened since 2009. We were super lucky to be there; the atmosphere was incredible. A few of the surfers in the contest use HANAH ONE, which made us proud.

Back on the Wanderlust campus at the Turtle Bay resort, we were greeted by Schuyler Grant, the wife of Wanderlust founder, Jeff Krasno. She had a couple of kids in tow and was intrigued by the tonic bar. She gave us a few words of advice, which boiled down to “be open at weird hours.” Challenge accepted, and much to the chagrin of the rest of my team, we ended up working 16-hour days.

The next three days were fantastic. Our team of five was on point and did a great job of hitting our goal, which was to expose the benefits of HANAH ONE and Tonics to the Wanderlusters and the locals on the North Shore. The Tonics were a huge hit, and Hawaii accepted us with open arms.

If you’re ever on Oahu, keep an eye out for HANAH ONE at Haleiwa Bowls on the North Shore. We’ll also be popping up at a few other locations around the US in the next couple of months.





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