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Four leading yogis on how HANAH ONE enhances health

Four leading yogis on how HANAH ONE enhances health

We are all seeking sukha, or ease, in our lives. We may spend our days pushing our limits in the mountains, or we may max out our brains and strain our bodies in front of our computers. After work or after play, we often seek yoga for balance, and at some point along our yogic path we are often introduced to the teachings of Ayurveda.

Yoga and Ayurveda are sister sciences. Yoga is a “spiritual science” while Ayurveda is a “science of life.” Or it can be said that Ayurveda is the science and yoga is the practice of that science. HANAH ONE, a blend of 30 wild-harvested herbs in a base of honey, ghee, and sesame oil, was created following ancient Ayurvedic principles, and we wanted to see just how well yoga and HANAH ONE blended together.

HANAH ONE has been coveted by athletes around the country, so it was only natural that we would introduce HANAH ONE to a few professional yoga teachers. These four yogis, already in tune with their daily rhythms, were provided with a month's supply of HANAH ONE, and here’s what they had to say: 


Cate Stillman of is a yoga teacher who offers Ayurvedic courses online and is based both in the Tetons and Punta Mita, Mexico.

“As an innovator I long ago predicted that ancient herbal formulas would end up in sport bars and sport gel packs for convenient energy for athletes and smart people. The first that I know from the realm of Ayurvedic formulas has finally arrived in HANAH’s super-convenient Go-Pack. The brilliance of the formula, based on chyawanprash, is that it is fat-based and not sugar- or protein-based. Fat allows the slower release and deeper digestion of the herbs. I’ve long prescribed chyawanprash for those needing to build their immune system. It’s also great for deeper rest and any time you want to increase your capacity as a human being. The yogis have used it for eons. And, lucky for us, it’s never been more convenient thanks to HANAH.”

Yogis seek to align mind, body, and spirit so that one's inner radiance, or divine light, can shine through. These intentions are in keeping with key goals of Ayurveda: purification and natural balance. The two systems complement one another in terms of informing the particular needs of individuals as we seek purity, vitality and spiritual growth.

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Bibi McGill spent eight years on tour as Beyoncé's lead guitarist. Bibi is now a traveling yoga teacher, based in Portland, and she’s also breaking waves as a DJ. Bibi was over the moon after trying HANAH ONE for the first time.

“I'm a health and wellness advocate and I teach yoga all over the world. I travel with a suitcase of super foods, essential oils, crystals… you name it. I definitely know how to take care of myself and I'm always looking for new products. Because I'm so healthy and strong, most healthy alternatives don't really affect me because I'm already vibe-ing pretty high. I've only been taking HANAH ONE for three days and I felt the effects immediately the first time. I’m truly excited about what you are offering to the world.”

Many people who practice yoga do so to maintain their health and well-being, improve physical fitness, relieve stress and enhance quality of life. In addition, they may be addressing specific health conditions, such as back pain, neck pain, arthritis and anxiety. The basis of all Ayurvedic principles is the balancing of energies within us to restore wholeness. Thus Ayurvedic treatment and Ayurvedic practices do help us to attain our goals easily when combined with yoga.

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Gina Caputo is a popular Boulder yoga instructor who is the founder and director of the Colorado School of Yoga. She draws a crowd at many yoga festivals including her hometown festival, Hanuman, in Boulder. She also pairs with Michael Franti at the Soulshine Retreat in Bali.

“The opportunity to try HANAH ONE couldn’t have come at a more opportune time for me with three concurrent teacher trainings, a manual remodel, and a move all at the same time. Bottom line, getting adequate nutrition during this period was going to be really difficult. I was especially grateful for this superfood because, let’s face it, when you’re a yogini on the loose trying to make it all work, sometimes your ‘meals’ are nothing more than a bar in the car or a smoothie to-go and then you collapse and eat something really easy and usually not nutrient rich late at night. So HANAH ONE supplied me with some superfoods, herbs and important fats that I wouldn’t have made the time to take on those busy days. I just stuck in in my purse - it was a great addition to my smoothies but straight up on a teaspoon is my favorite way. The honey and ghee make it taste more like a treat than a supplement!”

Ayurveda’s use of simple diet, nutrition and natural herbal supplements to maintain health and rejuvenate and strengthen the body goes along with the yoga way of living. Providing understanding and guidelines for balance in body, mind and spirit, Ayurveda gives us a holistic approach to optimum healthy living.


Neesha Zollinger is one of Jackson Hole’s most popular yoga teachers. She owns and leads Akasha yoga and travels the world sharing her deep understanding of alignment based yoga.

“HANAH is a great chyawanprash – I use it to supplement my daily health and vitality. It is delicious and easy to take. Sometimes I eat more than a spoonful if my system is down and it seems to help! It gives a burst of nourishment and is easy to digest.”

As you can see, HANAH ONE and yoga go hand-in-hand. As we continue down this path of ease and balance, I believe that both will continue to play a role in our daily vitality.

The author, Megan Henderson is a mom, yoga teacher, former organic farmer, and a writer living in Boulder, Colorado, where she grows nightshades and 3 children while drinking homemade kombucha under the suburban starlight.



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