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Dr. Venugopal on the long-term health benefits of HANAH ONE
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Dr. Venugopal on the long-term health benefits of HANAH ONE

Rasayanathe science of lengthening one’s lifespan

By Dr. Venugopal

HANAH ONE is a high-quality daily rasayana designed to be beneficial for both long-term and immediate physical benefits to our health. This is because the HANAH ONE ingredients build upon the nutrients we are deficient in today while stimulating the micro-channels to create long-term internal balance including proper metabolism, endocrine functions, immunity and vitality.

HANAH ONE is based on ancient formulas and is more than a single vitamin or mineral. HANAH ONE is a holistic, wholesome and complete herbal supplement. The supplements are absorbed and utilized much like super-healthy food would be, only the delivery method of ghee, honey and sesame oil greatly speeds up the process. Therefore, not only should you feel the benefits from HANAH ONE right away, but you’ll also notice an increase in benefits over time. This also means that, just like healthy food, HANAH ONE does not cause any dependency for the consumer. Similarly, there is no hard-and-fast serving size, so HANAH ONE can be given to all age groups anytime.

The HANAH ONE rasayana is both a supplement for dietary deficiencies and balances out the negative effects on internal health from poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyles and internal stress. The unique herbal makeup of HANAH ONE is equivalent to taking a combination of brain tonic, health supplements, multivitamins, immune modulators, energy supplements and products for sexual vitality. This is why consistent usage of HANAH ONE balances both our inside and outside vitality, which in turn continues to gradually improve our health the longer we use it. 



If a person continues to take HANAH ONE, it will help the balance of immunity, vitality, brain and other organ functions to continue in spite of external disturbances. HANAH ONE’s herbal formula helps to offset potentially negative factors that can reduce our quality of life. This will continue to improve both the benefits today while preventing the harm from bad lifestyle choices in the future. This is a great thing, of course, because it can be very difficult or time-consuming to manage stress, have a balanced diet and lifestyle when moving so fast in this modern era, and finding and taking all of the necessary supplements for sustained good health. Therefore, since it is a rasayana, HANAH ONE may be taken throughout one's entire lifetime to support our long-term wellness goals.

Ultimately, HANAH ONE is not intended to cure, increase or decrease anything like a western drug would. Our rasayana offers to restore the natural balance that gives our bodies what it’s deficient in and/or reduce what is in excess. And that’s the foundation to enjoying a long and healthy lifespan.

Dr. V Ayurvedic Doctor HANAH ONE
About the author:
Dr. Venugopal, M.D. AKA “Dr. V” has been an Ayurvedic practitioner for more than 20 years and works directly with HANAH to help craft and test multiple HANAH products. He lives and works in Kerala, India. His goal is to integrate the ancient practice of Ayurveda with the modern world.


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