The Key to Optimal Nutrient Absorption: The Ayurvedic Catalysts of HANAH ONE


HANAH ONE’s base is – in Ayurvedic terms – an anupana, or a carrier and enhancer of the 30 herbs. The base is a catalytic agent and has a special affinity to carry and potentiate the actions of the herbs. Anupanas provide easier digestion and absorption as well as enhance the qualities and the bio-availability of the nutrients of the herbs. They also help direct the herbs to the deeper and subtler tissues of the body. There are four of these anupanas in HANAH ONE, each directing the herbs throughout your body in a tri-doshic fashion (the three doshas of Ayurveda are the three mind/body types and some are served better with different carriers. HANAH ONE covers all three bases!).

Let’s dive into each anupana. Ghee, or ghrta in sanskrit, means to anoint (bless, protect, and empower). Ghee is known to have supreme penetrating qualities. It has lubricating, protective, and therapy-enhancing effects. The use of ghee may have become standard because this substance is especially protective for the stomach and intestines against the spicy effect of the herbs that are frequently relied upon to strengthen the digestive fire. Ghee also has the ability to transport to all 7 layers of human tissues, including the nervous system, translating into calm energy.

Ayurvedic texts say that of all of the animal-based oils fit for human consumption, ghee is the best (and cleanest) to eat.

In India, the prosperity of a household is measured in liters of ghee. In the charak samhita, the ayurvedic text, it says that of all of the animal-based oils fit for human consumption, ghee is the best (and cleanest) to eat. It also goes on to include that ghee benefits “those desirous of good eyesight, the old, children, the weak, those desirous of longevity, those desirous of strength, good complexion, voice, nourishment, progeny, tenderness of the body, luster, ojas [life-sustaining vitality], memory, intelligence, power of digestion, wisdom, proper functioning of sense organs, and those afflicted with injuries due to burns.” Ghee also “augments intellect and enkindles digestive enzymes,” according to the text.


Sesame oil, on the other hand, according to the Ashtanga Hrdayam sutrasthana, is the queen of the vegetable oils. “Oil of sesame possesses properties like penetrating deep into the tissues and spreading throughout the body quickly.” The sesame seed is a tiny gem that packs a mighty punch. Each sesame seed is protected by an outer shell that naturally opens when the seed ripens. This gave rise to the phrase “Open Sesame.” At this time, the seeds are ready to be pressed into light golden sesame oil. Sesame oil has been used to support numerous health systems in the body, including the nervous system, bones and muscles, skin and hair, the digestive tract (including the colon), and the male and female reproductive systems.

Sugar. As adults we may crave the lollipops of our youth, but we abstain, knowing better. There are rarely positive research conclusions about the benefits of sugar. However, this is one of the few moments when sugar is absolutely of benefit. We all remember when Mary Poppins sang, “Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.” It’s true! And not just because it makes HANAH ONE more palatable (though that helps!). The sweetness of sugar cane and honey, as flavoring agents, is assimilated quickly into the bloodstream. The fats (ghee and sesame oil) then step up to slow down the metabolism of the sugars so that the sugar shock to the system is minimal, the blood sugar is stabilized, and the herbs are properly absorbed into our bodies efficiently and without waste. Sugar and honey also act as preservative substances, which helps safeguard the clinical efficacy of the ingredients.

Next time you enjoy HANAH ONE, you can try mixing it with warm – not hot – water to make a delicious herbal superfood tea, or even into your morning cup of coffee. Each of these Ayurvedic anupanas will have an effect on the way that HANAH ONE is delivered into your system, and believe us – you will feel the difference!

Story: Megan Henderson

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