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The HANAH promise: Purity, Quality and Results

The HANAH promise: Purity, Quality and Results

HANAH's quest for purity and quality knows no bounds

HANAH’s focus on honest, high-quality and impactful products has distilled the complexities of sourcing, harvesting and blending its ingredients down to a simple equation: purity + quality = results. Over the next few months, we’re going to share our insights into each of these three components, with the aim of helping you make informed decisions about food supplements and what you should and should not put into your body.

Here’s how we got started down this path of sourcing pure ingredients and following time-tested ancient production methods in places like India and Bhutan.

The journey to health

When HANAH co-founder Joel Einhorn was recovering from a bike accident that left him with a traumatic brain injury (TBI), compound dislocation of the collar bone and dizziness so severe that he couldn’t sleep. He was fortunate to meet an Ayurvedic doctor who provided him with a concoction of herbs that not only sped up Joel’s healing process, but also gave him more energy and mental clarity than he’d had prior to the accident.

When he asked the doctor if he could continue taking these herbs after the healing process, he responded with a simple question, “Where will you find the herbs and how will you determine the purity and quality of what you are getting?”

Finding the answer led Joel across thousands of miles to Kerala, India, (and, later, to the Kingdom of Bhutan), where with the help of another Ayurvedic practitioner he found a pure source for the 30 herbs that eventually found their way into the formulation for HANAH ONE. It also opened his eyes to the fact that not all herbs and supplements are created equal, not all manufacturers are quality conscious and that opportunities for shortcuts exist at every stage of the process – shortcuts that many companies exploit to drive down costs and increase profit margins.

HANAH ONE and our commitment to purity, quality and results.

The purest ingredients

At HANAH we focus on purity, quality and results. We source only the purest ingredients grown in their native environments and that are wild-harvested by local farmers and herb collectors. We produce all of our ingredients honoring ancient traditional methods to ensure they retain their original quality and efficacy. As a result, our products deliver results you will feel.

HANAH's farms have the purest and best ingredients available

Next up: A deeper dive into Purity, Quality, Results. 

We’re going to give you a peek inside the best practices that underpin the creation of HANAH ONE and our other products and in so doing, transport you halfway across the world to the forests of India and peaks of the Himalayan Plateau so you can see how every single ingredient we choose is carefully cultivated, gently processed and thoughtfully combined in a way that enhances and preserves the full benefits of everything nature has to offer. We’ll also share the results that our HANAH Heroes and our customers are experiencing from making HANAH part of their daily routines.

HANAH full product suite

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