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HANAH’s quest for purity

HANAH’s quest for purity

The first step is to ensure purity of ingredients

If you pick up a supplement bottle at random and look at the label, the chances are that the manufacturer claims it’s “all natural.” They might also say that it’s “pure,” “non-GMO,” “organic,” or any one of who knows how many buzzwords that have become the lingua franca of the modern wellness craze. But how do you really know for sure that what you’re holding in your hands is indeed pure, or any of the other things it claims to be? The shorter answer is “You can’t.” At least without diving deeper into the company that produces it, where they’re getting the contents from, and what their manufacturing process looks like.

To ensure the purity of every single ingredient that goes into HANAH ONE and our other products and to ensure they’re sustainably, ethically, and locally sourced, we go to the ends of the earth. No, this isn’t some made up tagline, it’s reality. We regularly visit our partners in Kerala, India, and the Kingdom of Bhutan to not only get to know them as people, but also to learn from centuries of knowledge and expertise that leads them to supply us with the purest, most efficacious herbs on the planet.

Honey bees: the honey is one of the many wonderful ingredients we source from Kerala India.

Sourcing matters

Many adaptogens – most notably turmeric – are starting to be sourced from industrialized, large-scale farms that not only put smaller producers out of business, but also use pesticides and herbicides to maximize their yield. This might well be good for their bottom line and the profit margins of the companies they supply, but it’s bad for people and the planet. That’s why we refuse to do business with such entities, and instead favor collectors and harvesters who have a deep connection to the land they inhabit and only pick wild herbs in small quantities, so they don’t upset the delicate ecological balance of their habitat. As these occur naturally, they’re not tainted by chemicals, heavy metals, or other toxins, but rather grow seasonally based on weather patterns, hydration from forest streams and mountain springs, and the natural rhythms of their ecosystems.

This provides a level of purity that goes far beyond Western notions of organic, non-GMO, all natural, etc. For the base ingredients in our flagship product HANAH ONE, we’ve been to see the beekeepers in the mountains of Kerala who monitor the health of the bee population and carefully extract our honey. And we’ve gotten to know the caretakers at the cow sanctuary whose Vechur cows graze freely on verdant green pastures and yield our ghee. We know exactly where our sesame oil comes from, because we’ve visited the producer. Just as with our herbs, we can attest to the absolute purity of these ingredients because we’ve been to the source and seen first-hand how they’re collected. When plausible, we go to great lengths to even DNA test some of our ingredients to ensure they came from exactly where we expect and contain 100% of what has been requested.

HANAH Vechur cows free roam the lands in Kerala, eating and synthesizing herbs. Their ghee is some of the most highly prized in the world

No fillers. Ever. 

Another important factor in our obsessive focus on purity is the processing of the ingredients. Rather than sending them off to some faraway factory to be cut with heavy solvents and blended with cheap fillers, we ensure that only ancient methods are used by local experts close to where the picking and harvesting takes place.

Efficacy comes from how a formula is made. Each ingredient has its own benefits, but when you combine them in a time-tested formula, they have a synergistic action. Choosing the right herbs and processing them using traditional methods ensures that people enjoy the full physiological benefits.

To ensure that we’ve achieved the quality we demand, we perform independent, third party tests on each and every batch of HANAH ONE, Turmeric+, Ashwagandha+, and our other products. Under strict laboratory conditions, chemists examine our botanical blends in depth to make sure they’re free of impurities including pesticides, microbes, heavy metals, yeast, mold and salmonella.

Such rigorous analysis helps us close the loop on a purity cycle that we’re confident is second to none. As all our products undergo the same testing before we make them available to the public, you can be sure that quality and purity aren’t hit or miss, but rather that consistency is the norm at HANAH. On the front end of our fully transparent and traceable supply chain we’re working with trusted harvesters and cultivators to only source the finest ingredients, while on the back end we’re ensuring that such purity has been sustained during the harvesting, blending and bottling process. This isn’t the easiest or cheapest approach, but it is the only way we will accept to ensure you will benefit from our products.

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