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Character and terroir: how HANAH ONE is like fine wine

Character and terroir: how HANAH ONE is like fine wine


I’ve been working on the HANAH ONE recipe for almost 4 years now. It’s a labor of love, and an art form that varies with every batch, because much like wine, HANAH ONE is a product of the terroir.  

Herbs are like grapes: they thrive in harsh conditions and are heavily affected by soil, climate and weather conditions. Our herbs are wild-harvested via traditional means, and their flavor, texture and properties change depending on the climate, the soil and weather. 

HANAH faces an additional challenge that wine producers typically don’t: India’s heavy summer monsoon season. We must always be aware of the weather in order to properly source our herbs. During the early summer, when the herbs and fruits become mature, we are able to source everything in Kerala. But during some monsoons, we harvest herbs from the Western Ghat mountains, on the Kerala-Tamil Nadu border. In that region, the soil variations lend themselves to fibrous herbs and a more granular texture.

Not only are we dealing with herbs, but also sesame oil, ayurvedic ghee, honey and raw sugar cane. Our sesame oil is sourced via traditional means in Kerala, where both light and dark sesame seeds are available, depending on the season. We lean towards the dark seeds, as they bring deeper chocolate notes to the taste.

Honey is also extremely important for both taste and viscosity, and its qualities vary depending on the flowers that the bees pollinate. We currently use a few different local Keralan beekeepers for our farmed honey, and we mix this with wild honey from the mountains. We find that this creates a unique taste structure, and it is highly nutritional for the customer. Our honey is typically sweeter in the summer months, when the bees are pollinating fresh flowers.

While the interplay between terroir and flavor makes HANAH ONE distinctive from other supplements, the efficacy of the product will always be high. The selection of herbs and the formula are based on thousands of years of traditional knowledge and experience.

And much like wines, each batch of HANAH ONE tells its own story of one season's southern Indian weather, soil, flora and fauna. 



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