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HANAH Rituals heads to Mexico with surf legend Kalle Carranza

HANAH Rituals heads to Mexico with surf legend Kalle Carranza

Kalle’s quest to never stop learning

Rituals is an exclusive HANAH video series that explores the daily routines of some of the world’s most inspiring athletes, adventurers and entrepreneurs. In an effort to encourage, motivate and share ideas, they have graciously given us a peek into their own rituals. We hope you enjoy this very personal series.

No one exemplifies HANAH’s commitment to purity, quality and results more than former professional surfer and HANAH Hero Kalle Carranza.

“Eating healthy and exercising daily is a must. It sounds cliche, but food is pure medicine. What you put in your body is probably one of the most important things you do every day,” he says.

One of the most genuine people you’ll ever meet, Kalle grew up surfing the coastlines of Riviera Nayarit, Mexico, and became a pro surfer at a young age. He spent two decades chasing the best waves around the world, winning titles and gracing the covers of surfing’s biggest magazines. But at 28, Kalle was ready for a change and a fresh challenge, so he quit the sport and moved to Finland.

“Einstein said, ‘The day we stop learning is the day we start dying.’ I couldn’t agree with that more. I try to keep my mind active, and with that I’m constantly trying to create new goals and learn something new every day,” Kalle explains.

HANAH Hero Kalle Carranza paddling out in Mexico

While studying in Finland he went for a surf in the freezing waters with some friends and his passion was rekindled.

After graduating, he spent the next few years creating a thoughtful step-by-step surf instructing program. From there he founded a company called I Love Waves in Sayulita, Mexico, where he now teaches, surfs and is a regular commentator for World Surf League contests.

Kalle first discovered HANAH through his friend and fellow HANAH Hero Jimmy Chin: “I’ve played around with superfoods, substitutes, protein blends and the like for the last few years. When Jimmy first told me about HANAH ONE and that although he’d been traveling non-stop for the last 8 months, he hadn’t gotten sick, and he felt HANAH ONE was the reason. This really hit home. I’ve been taking HANAH ONE for almost a year now, I usually try and mix it into smoothies, bliss balls and maybe on a banana in the mornings. After a year of taking it and feeling more energetic, rarely falling into sickness, I’m convinced there’s some magic in the HANAH ONE mix… a magic, I’m not ready to miss out on ever again.”

HANAH caught up with Kalle at home in Sayulita to find out what a typical day in paradise is like, and get inspired by his passion for the freshest, purest foods and waves. 

Learn more about HANAH Hero Kalle Carranza

More pictures from Mexico

HANAH Hero Kalle Carranza ripping a big wave in MexicoHANAH Hero, Kalle Carranza hanging out with the local wildlife.

Video + photographs courtesy of: Alex Patrick (aka 'Frenchi')

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