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HANAH 2021 Gift Guide
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HANAH 2021 Gift Guide

Our favorites, for all of your favorites.

This holiday season, give your friends and family a gift they’ll love from HANAH’s curated Holiday Gift Guide. We’ve carefully compiled some of our favorite products, both from HANAH and other brands we love, so you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

For the elite athlete

Faced with unpredictable conditions, psychological speed bumps and physical challenges, the extreme athlete needs the perfect balance to upkeep both their mental and physical health. We put together what we consider to be the perfect additions to any extreme athlete's routine whether you are on the rocks, snow or water.

Explore Jimmy Chin's HANAH breakfast smoothie recipe.

For on-the-go parents

We know parents face some of the most high-stress and demanding situations out there. To help maintain their health and ease some of that stress this holiday season, we’ve put together some essentials to include in mom and dad’s stocking.

Try (or share with this lucky gift recipient) our HANAH Ashwagandha+ bedtime tonic recipe

For the coffee lover

Everyone has their unique way of making their morning cup of coffee. We understand the intimacy and ritual aspect of this amazing beverage and want to help anyone looking to elevate their cup with these picks.

For the college student

From pulling an all nighter to finding your school-life balance, college seems to test everyone’s endurance, focus and immunity. Check out these picks for the college student that needs better rest, more energy and a strong immune system.

  • HANAH Coffee Boost and Shilajit+
  • Som Sleep Formula drink (Use code HANAH20 for 20% off your first purchase. Excludes subscriptions and gift set. Expires 12/31/21.)

Explore 5 plant-based nootropics help better your brain.

For the beauty enthusiast

Long gone are the days of approaching beauty exclusively from the outside. We now know that long-term solutions to common problems such as hair loss or acne need to be treated at the source—from the inside. These are our must-haves for anyone looking to improve their beauty regimen.

Read about how Ashwagandha+ helps supports healthier skin from the inside out.

For the jet setter

Whether you are a traveling businessman or a nomad always looking for the next adventure, you need to maintain your body's balance. Here are some great gifts for the adventure seeker or anyone who always finds themselves on a plane, train or bus.

For the entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you are not just a business owner but you also wear many hats. Juggling all your roles and responsibilities to help your growing business takes focus, mental endurance and creativity. These additions will help anyone looking to not only boost their business’ growth but their health.

For the weekend warrior

You are always looking towards the weekend to continue training for that marathon, surf till the sunsets or hike your next 14er. To help make the most of your weekend activities, check out this line up:

  • HANAH ONE and Turmeric+ Bundle
  • No Cow vegan protein powders (Use code HOLIDAY2021 for 20% off. Subscription and trial packs are not included.
  • Rise Nation fitness class pass
  • TRENDYGOLF apparel and gear

For the smoothie lover

Rain or shine, some of us can never get old of the ever versatile smoothie. If you know someone always experimenting with new ingredients in their smoothies or you yourself are trying to up your quick meal replacement game, start with these delicious and nutritious additions:

Check out Shayna Hiller’s morning wellness smoothie bowl recipe featuring all these products! 

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