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Welcoming winter: How pro athletes transition to the season
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Welcoming winter: How pro athletes transition to the season

Winter brings with it a notorious plethora of changes. Whether it is adjusting to the colder temperatures and shorter days, craving comfort foods, or an all-consuming excitement to hit the slopes, it can take intentionality to adjust to the winter season.

In this series, we take a look at how some of the most inspiring athletes and wellness experts welcome winter. It takes more than just willpower to adapt to this season, and each person has their own tips, rituals and philosophies to keep up with their goals while still finding time for enjoyment. Get inspired by the mental, physical and emotional approaches these seasoned winter veterans take to make the most of this winter.

Michelle Parker, pro skier

Skier extraordinaire, Michelle Parker, brings us back-to-basics with her get-after-it yet carefree approach to winter. Read more

Amy David, pro skier & outdoor adventure guide

Mountain lover and outdoor adventure athlete, Amy David, shares how she finds balance in winter with a synergistic approach. Read more

Mark Abma, pro big mountain skier

At the first signs of snow, Mark takes the plunge into winter—literally. Read more

Shin Biyajima, pro snowboarder

This season, Shin takes his “go with the flow” approach on the road to explore his Japanese roots. Read more

Kristen Ulmer, fear specialist & former pro skier

Changes in the season are Kristen’s cue to check in on herself and embrace what she finds—to practice self-love. Read more

Will McKay, outdoorsman & photographer

This winter fanatic shares his strategy for getting the absolute most out of his favorite season—setting goals. Read more


Cover photo of Michelle Parker by Aaron Blatt

Photo of Mark Abma by Eric Berger

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