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HANAH Presents: Everyday Heroes

HANAH Presents: Everyday Heroes

Everyday Hero: Matt Ogelby

We embarked on this Everyday Heroes series as we hear from extraordinary people every single day. From how they stay healthy and motivated to personal rituals and overcoming obstacles—we are continuously inspired. We thought their stories could inspire you too, so we’ll be sharing them from time to time.

Residing in Vermont, Matt Ogelby is a woodworker, family man and outdoor enthusiast who wakes up at 4:30 a.m. so he can do a few sunrise laps on his mountain bike or splitboard. Here he shares a little about his life, its evolution and how keeping up with it all is an ongoing journey.

Winning the marathon (aka: life)

By Matt Ogelby
Everyday inspiring stories from real people using HANAH ONE.
Life’s a marathon, not a sprint, right? So as an “adult” living with a lovely partner, two small humans who look like us, and a dog named “Frank,” I find myself at around mile 12 on the marathon-to-life ratio and I’m struggling to keep pace between family, fitness and the small furniture business I own and operate.

I’m also someone who fancies themselves a mountain enthusiast. Once upon a time, I lived in the wild rocky west and had big mountain adventures. Now, living in Vermont, my adventures look much different than they used to. They are sometimes shorter or less frequent. Sometimes there is a child trudging slowly behind me or riding on my back. Or sometimes they are early in the morning before anyone else in our house is awake. I’m not complaining, honest. This is the life I have been insanely fortunate enough to build and I love every part of it.

So when some of the mountain athletes I so admire (Jeremy Jones, Jimmy Chin, Angel Collinson, etc.) started to preach the good word of HANAH ONE my interest was piqued. But let’s be honest, I’m not out there doing what Jimmy Chin is doing. I’m not a HANAH Hero. I’m just a guy. So I figured I could get by without it.

Time passed and the marathon pressed on… work, family, life… I’m winded. I read more about HANAH ONE. I cave. I buy some. I give it a go.

It’s been about 8 months now since I incorporated it into my daily routine. I’m still not out doing what Jimmy Chin is doing; but do I think I have more energy topping out on my morning skin lap at my local hill? Yes. Do I sometimes take an extra lap? Yes. But those short-lived events are not why I continue to enjoy HANAH ONE every morning. It’s the marathon. I believe that I am better able to keep pace, have a little more stamina, and a little more focus at work. It’s about my long-term health and happiness, keeping up with my kids and keeping myself active—for life.
Enjoy the run.


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