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Jason Walsh's daily recovery smoothie
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Jason Walsh's daily recovery smoothie

Protein, healthy fats and adaptogens for optimal strength and recovery

As LA’s renowned fitness trainer to the stars and founder of Rise Nation and the studio’s groundbreaking climbing workout, Jason Walsh has a deep understanding of what the body needs to take on busy days and high-octane workouts.

Not only is HANAH part of his personal daily ritual, but Jason recommends his tried and tested supplement routine to his A-list clients as well. When celebrities need to transform themselves safely and effectively for their most physically challenging roles, they call Jason. He has helped turn Emma Stone into tennis legend Billie Jean King, got Bradley Cooper in shape for American Sniper, transformed John Krasinski into a Navy SEAL and prepared Alison Brie to be one of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling in GLOW.

One of the first things he instills in his clients is that training and nutrition go hand in hand. He stresses the importance of feeding the body well with quality foods and trusted supplements to create a healthy environment for the body to grow, recover and respond to demanding physical goals. Jason relies on this tasty smoothie loaded with ingredients he swears by—protein, healthy fats and HANAH.

Jason Walsh’s recovery smoothie



  1. Combine all ingredients in a blender and enjoy for breakfast, post-workout or a midday pick-me-up.



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