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Article: Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) Podcast with HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn

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Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) Podcast with HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn

Live Long and Master Aging (LLAMA) Podcast with HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn

Joel’s inspired journey from severely injured cyclist to wellness entrepreneur

By Peter Bowes, host of the LLAMA Podcast

Joel Einhorn lives life at a pace that sometimes defies gravity. The extreme sports enthusiast is an avid athlete – a cyclist, snowboarder and surfer. His enthusiasm for the fast life almost ended in tragedy while training for an ironman triathlon, but the accident, in Prague, ended up opening Joel’s eyes to a new world of medicine. The founder and CEO of HANAH, a supplement company that embraces ancient wisdom and modern day science, is on a mission to preserve – and make more accessible – healing techniques from eastern medicine. In this LLAMA Podcast interview with Peter Bowes, Joel reveals the aha moments that inspired his journey from severely injured cyclist to wellness entrepreneur.

Episode 102: Extracting the Nectar out of life with HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn 

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In this interview we cover:

  • Joel’s childhood and influences.
  • Being the kid always looking out of the window.
  • Sports, acting and the quintessential American life.
  • Being an early adopter of computer tech.
  • Going from casual athlete to ironman addict.
  • Organizing life and systems with military precision to optimize time for living life to the full.

 “I knew that I didn’t have what it took to just sit there and be singularly focused on one particular thing.”

  • The accident in 2008 that turned out to be a major turning point in Joel’s life.
  • Racing through life, taking a few risks and then… a near-death accident that led to a life-changing attitude towards living.
  • Joel’s introduction to eastern medicine and the   healing power of herbal medicines.
  • The healing ‘secrets’ of elite athletes
  • Fasting – the fountain of youth?

“You just really go into very deep spiritual regenerative place.”

 “I want to live a long, full life, lead by example, hang out with my friends and do amazing things.”

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Warning: Fasting can be extremely dangerous and result in death. It is not appropriate for everyone. Speak to your doctor before adopting a new diet or fasting regime.

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