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Not all ghee is created equal: HANAH Ayurvedic Ghee

Not all ghee is created equal: HANAH Ayurvedic Ghee

An ancient process that yields powerful results

HANAH’s Ayurvedic ghee comes from the milk of the Vechur cow, a rare dwarf breed native to Kerala, India. These tiny cows have been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years as a powerful source of nutrients because they graze the mineral-rich lands and are able to synthesize the local grasses and herbs, creating a ghee this is packed with omega-3 and omega-9 essential fatty acids, vitamins A, D, E and K.

Learn why Ayurvedic ghee is unique and more beneficial to the body and brain in this post from HANAH advisor and partner Dr. V.A. Venugopal.

Momma and baby Vechur cow in Kerala, India where HANAH's Vechur Ghee is produced

Not all ingredients are created equal

By Dr. V.A. Venugopal

While all ghee offers health benefits, ghee made in the traditional Ayurvedic way—where the milk is first fermented to curd (yogurt) before it is churned into butter—is more easily digestible by the body and is superior in its functional aspects as well.

Ayurvedic ghee is more nutritious for the brain as it supports, stimulates, regenerates and activates the various functions of the brain that control memory and quality of thinking. It also supports other physiological functions of the body, including reproduction.

According to Ayurveda, the fat globules in ghee prepared in the traditional way are more homogenous and smaller, therefore more easily digestible, absorbable and smoothly transported through the body. Because of this, Ayurvedic ghee serves as a superior transport device and helps the body absorb other botanicals, herbs and nutrients, which is why ghee is an important ingredient in HANAH ONE.

Ayurvedic ghee: Fermentation is the key

The traditional Ayurvedic process for making ghee involves fermenting the milk to curd (yogurt) and then churning it into butter. This fermenting process changes the functional aspects of ghee. This butter is then slowly heated in special vessels made from bell metal to separate the milk solids from the fat and create the ghee.

According to Ayurveda, this processing of ghee changes its personality, character and it’s functional aspects inside the body. This transformation is more important when taken into consideration the holistic aspect of overall health and regeneration.

To learn more about ghee, read part 1 and part 2 of our series, “Not all ghee is created equal.

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HANAH Ayurvedic Vechur Ghee, produced in the mineral rich lands of Kerala India from the smallest cow in the world.


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