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Launching HANAH Ventures, our impact tourism program

Launching HANAH Ventures, our impact tourism program

Program Dedicated to Adventure, Nature, Wellness and Cultural Exploration

HANAH's latest initiative helps facilitate an adventure of a lifetime in the majestic Kingdom of Bhutan

We're very excited to launch HANAH Ventures, an international adventure tourism program centered around the tenth anniversary of the Tour of the Dragon mountain bike race in the Kingdom of Bhutan. HANAH is inviting the public to join their team of wellness experts and professional athletes on an adventure of a lifetime to explore one of the most exclusive and well-protected travel destinations in the world.

HANAH, which over the last two years has developed a relationship with the Kingdom of Bhutan through the sourcing of its latest products, is honored to host the Tour of the Dragon Impact Tour for a curated group in September 2019. The Tour of the Dragon, launched in 2009, is considered one of the most challenging one-day mountain bike races in the world, offering racers a chance to truly test their endurance, stamina and mental fortitude. The 166-mile (268 km) journey climbs over four Himalayan mountain passes before finishing in Thimphu town square. For those interested in a milder race, the event also offers the Dragon’s Fury, a 37-mile (60 km) race with nearly 7,000 feet of vertical climbing. Both journeys take riders through the stunning rural countryside and villages of one of the most magical kingdoms on Earth.

HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn visits Bhutan for the 2018 Tour of the Dragon Mountain Bike race
“What I have seen in Bhutan is something from a fairy tale,” said Joel Einhorn, founder of HANAH, and two-time finisher of the Tour of the Dragon. “Majestic gorges, huge waterfalls, animals I’ve never dreamt of and herbs that are not mentioned in any texts currently available to the general public. We’re thrilled to offer the experience of a lifetime – not only to participate in the Tour of the Dragon, but to see and take in the unparalleled beauty of this remarkable country.”

Along with the race, HANAH is hosting a curated tourism experience in Bhutan, a country known for its authenticity, vibrant people, rich cultural heritage and pristine natural environment. The nine-day journey, limited to a select 40 riders in the race and 100 overall travelers, involves visits to sacred temples and dzongs, exploration of the country’s rich scenery, introductions to local dignitaries, education on local herbal medicines and the chance to experience Bhutanese culture, cuisine and traditions. A reservation includes eight nights at four-star accommodations, airfare between Delhi or Bangkok and Bhutan, professional drivers and local guides, visa and tourist fees, bike and luggage transport, sessions with traditional medicine experts, race entry fees, three meals per day including special dinners and experiences and HANAH herbal supplements.

HANAH has developed a relationship with the Kingdom of Bhutan, considered the “land of medicinal plants”, through sourcing some of its newest products, including Turmeric+, the first Bhutanese turmeric root and black pepper supplement available in the United States, and Cordyceps+, a powerful combination of wild Cordyceps sinensis, a rare Himalayan medicinal mushroom, with eight other herbs and minerals. HANAH founder, Joel Einhorn, has forged lifelong friendships through his visits to Bhutan, and is honored to bring the country’s ancient herbal remedies to the United States for the first time.

For reservations and more information on HANAH Ventures, visit

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