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Finding the path to wellness: fighting fatigue and brain fog

Finding the path to wellness: fighting fatigue and brain fog

Keira Henninger found her freedom in the mountains. As a girl, to escape severe abuse at home, she would spend all day in the wilderness, developing both a deep desire to be outside as well as a tolerance for the endurance for long distance, all day running. She feels she was born to run and considers it a gift.

After building up endurance she gave her first ultra-run a whirl in 2006 and got hooked. Two years later she won the California's Old Goats 50 mile, followed by the AC 100 in 2010 and again in 2012.

Keira Henninger Ultra Runner patagonia mom HANAH ONE AshwagandhaKeira is a Team Patagonia Ultrarunner, a nutritionist, a coach, and the owner and organizer of her own trail running events. Running gave Keira purpose, triumphantly winning the AC 100 twice. Suddenly, after 8 years of competitive running, Keira could barely get herself out of bed in the morning. She went from winning races to wanting to hang up her shoes and drop out, suffering from total exhaustion and severe brain fog.

A trained nutritionist, Keira always prioritized her diet. She added bone broths to her otherwise mostly plant-based diet. She tried alternative therapies including acupuncture and cupping. Still, the symptoms persisted. Keira went through a series of tests. No doctor could identify her issue. She thought it might be her Copper IUD, and after it was removed she did a heavy metal toxicity cleanse which was the hardest and gnarliest thing that she ever did. Still, she felt depleted and immobilized. This dragged on for three and a half years! In fact, Keira reported that she spent most of 2014 and 2015 in bed.

Keira heard about HANAH ONE in October of 2016 and started taking it every day, working up to a daily heaping tablespoon. Within in one month, she was a completely different person.

“I would run in the a.m. and by afternoon, I wasn’t needing to take a nap, lay down or anything. That sheer and overwhelming exhaustion just left me. Literally, over a time period of about four weeks of taking HANAH ONE every day, it just went away. After six weeks of taking it, I was 100% myself again,” she said.

Keira was running again by the holidays. Her first race was a 50k in early January 2017. She felt awesome, and got second place!

“It gave me my life back. I feel better than ever,” shares Keira. She is now gearing up for a 100-mile race at age 43back on top and feeling amazingattributing her rejuvenation to a daily spoonful of HANAH ONE.

Keira Henninger Patagonia HANAH ONE Review Adrenal fatigue

Keira was beyond thrilled with her results that she passed HANAH ONE on to her son, a police officer, who also reaps its benefits, as it helps him stay alert on duty.

Do you run? Has HANAH ONE helped you reclaim your joy? Let us know! And if you are inspired to run far, here are the races that Keira organizes and manages.

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