Mountain matcha latte

We love recipes from all of our customers, but this HANAH matcha latte really caught our eye. It was an added bonus to see how Stefanie absolutely rips on skis!

Her review (read all our reviews here) and recipe: 

I really felt a boost of energy. I wouldn't say significant, but it definitely makes me feel good. I also love knowing I'm putting all these amazing ingredients in my body every morning that you normally wouldn't consume on a daily basis. My fave way to use HANAH is to blend it every morning in my Matcha Latte. It gives it this sweet cinnamon taste and is the perfect combo! I highly recommend!



  1. Blend it all together for about 1 to 2 minutes, depending on how frothy you want it.
  2. Serve!
  3. Go skiing (and try to keep up with Stefanie).

Stefanie Shulz and HANAH ONE morning Matcha latte

Recipe by Stefanie Schulz, professional matcha recipe creator, side job in marketing for Solitude Mountain Resort in Utah. Follow her on IG @stefschulz22



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