HANAH Boosted Espresso

When HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn travels to countries like India, Bhutan and even Japan, he always comes home with some fresh ancient wisdom. To understand a little more about where HANAH Coffee Boost came from, we asked him about it and even nabbed his favorite espresso recipe:

"We wanted to create a non-dairy coffee supplement that would enhance the daily coffee ritual and help support cognition and stress management, which are especially crucial in today’s modern world. After two years of research and development with our Ayurvedic doctors, we chose three nootropic herbs that specifically work well with coffee and have renowned brain-boosting and stress-supporting benefits. It’s your espresso, only better."



  1. Brew up the espresso on the stove-top or your mighty espresso machine
  2. Pour into small mug, add Coffee Boost, mix together and enjoy!

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