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Article: Working backwards from results to create the HANAH ONE formula

Working backwards from results to create the HANAH ONE formula

Working backwards from results to create the HANAH ONE formula

Enhancing focus, increasing energy and endurance, improving immunity, and helping people buffer the stresses of modern living

When HANAH founder Joel Einhorn began his trips to India to learn more about the healing power of the herbs that had helped him recover from a calamitous bicycle accident, he sought the advice and guidance of Ayurvedic practitioner Dr. Venugopal (Dr. V). Feeling like it was his duty to share the restorative properties of the botanicals that helped give him back his vitality, Joel didn’t aimlessly wander among the thousands of prospective ingredients that could comprise an efficacious blend. Instead, Dr. V asked him what he wanted the final formula to offer to all those who took it.

Joel replied that enhancing focus, increasing energy and endurance, improving immunity, and helping people buffer the stresses of modern living were all top priorities. From there, he and Dr. V set out to find specific ingredients that would, when combined in the right proportions, deliver these desired results.

Many companies merely choose whatever supplements are trending right now in an effort to get on the bandwagon and make some money before the market moves on to the next big thing. Then they source the cheapest raw materials available in an effort to reduce input costs and increase margins. This has never been the HANAH way. Instead, we purposefully select every ingredient with distinct benefits in mind, like a coach designing a program by working backwards from their game-day goals. Rather than looking at the latest fads, we turn to our team of experts on the ground in India and the Kingdom of Bhutan to see which herbs have proven to be tried and true over time. And only the best available botanicals make it through our stringent quality control process.

We also consider how each one will complement the others, so that the sum is greater than the parts. And then, we rely on a trusted group of local harvesters to collect just enough of each ingredient by hand from the wild, where they grow among hundreds of other botanicals in diverse, pristine ecosystems nourished by mineral-rich soil and natural spring water. This ensures that each batch only contains the highest quality.

Such harvesting is done in a sustainable way that leaves the source unspoiled, so that the herbs can continue to grow year after year. Finally, we create our unique formulas using only traditional, gentle processing methods that ensure efficacy is preserved. In some cases, such techniques even enhance the advantages that our pure herbs provide, such as the base of sesame oil, ghee, and Keralan mountain honey that increase the absorption of HANAH ONE’s botanical blend.

Now let’s take a closer look at how the purity and quality of the 30 ingredients in each jar and Go-Pack of HANAH ONE create a one-of-a-kind superfood supplement that delivers results for both body and mind:

Result: Enhance cognition and regulate mood

Ingredients: Gotu kola, shatavari, and butterfly pea have both been found to be potent stress-relievers. A 2016 study concluded that gotu kola helped stroke victims recover memory and overcome cognitive impairment, while a review in the Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences highlighted research that showed gotu kola helping people feel less depressed and worried when they went off prescription antidepressant medication. Meanwhile, a 2014 paper published in Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology suggested that shatavari reduces anxiety, and an Indian study noted that in addition to helping alleviate stress at a cellular level, shatavari has an anti-depressant effect, enhances memory, and protects against amnesia. No wonder the translated meaning of its name is “curer of a hundred diseases.” A third HANAH ONE ingredient, butterfly pea, can help aid learning, boost recall, and stimulate neurogenic growth, according to a Thai research team’s review.

Result: Boost immunity

Ingredients: Scientific literature suggests that the mung beans, green cardamom, licorice root, and cinnamon contained in HANAH ONE can all boost the immune system. The author of a meta-analysis published in the Chemistry Central Journal wrote that, “several non-nutritional ingredients of mung beans, such as flavonoids, acids, and plant hormones, are most likely to be important in the modulation of human immunity.” The cineole, limonene, and other phytochemicals in cardamom may help prevent against carcinogenesis by improving cell regulation during oxidative stress, a team of Indian scientists concluded. Moving on to licorice, its 20 triterpenoids and nearly 300 flavonoids possess potent antiviral, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory qualities, according to a trio of Chinese researchers. Cinnamon is also no slouch when it comes to immunity. A paper published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry compared the antioxidant levels in 26 spices and cinnamon topped the list. It can also help combat inflammation, with another 2012 study noting its “excellent anti-inflammatory” properties.

Result: Increase vitality

Ingredients: Tribulus terrestris, cobra’s saffron, and holostemma have been utilized in Eastern medicine for centuries for many reasons, not least their ability to boost vitality. Multiple studies have shown that Tribulus terrestris improves libido and helps to remedy several kinds of sexual dysfunction. As the name suggests, cobra’s saffron is sometimes used in India and surrounding countries to treat snake bites. A review published in the African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology commented that the plant has also been shown to protect cells, regulate the central nervous system, and have other remedial effects. An Indian research team concluded that holostemma helps protect the body against free radical damage, and noted the high levels of anthocyanins, which help promote healthy cell function and tannins and saponins, which have rejuvenative effects.


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