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Article: Looking for a better Keto or Paleo creamer?

Looking for a better Keto or Paleo creamer?

Looking for a better Keto or Paleo creamer?

HANAH Coffee Boost is your answer. 

Let’s face it: the best thing that happened to you this morning might well be your first cup of coffee. From the smell wafting through your home, to the rich taste, to the “Yes, I’m ready for today!” What’s not to like? But as fantastic as coffee is on its own, there’s a way to supercharge it.

Enter creamers. No, not the crappy single serve kind that that you can purchase by the thousands from Costco and put in your cup whether you like it or not. We’re talking about the next generation of super creamers that extend the caffeine buzz, level off the crash, and actually taste creamy and delicious.

Another plus to the latest crop of creamers is that they can supply healthy fats that keep you fueled for hours through those little powerhouses cleverly created by your liver – ketones. Those companies that are doing things right are also offering options that are Paleo friendly because instead of containing dairy or industrial vegetable/seed/grain-derived oils that have been linked to cancer, cardiovascular disease, and a whole range of other maladies, they use a coconut base that is sugar-free so will keep you in ketosis.

Not all coconuts are created equal: Trust your source

Now it’s worth noting that not all coconuts are created equal. Often, they’re imported and left to sit in a warehouse for weeks or months. As a post on the website Eat By Date put it, “Many coconuts on the store shelves are already old and their shelf life has expired before they even reach your house!” Creamers and other products that include coconut often use a large amount of such past-their-prime ingredients, with the smallest amount of the premium version needed to make gaudy claims about the quality of their coconut (see “raw,” “organic,” and so on). In contrast, higher quality products contain coconuts hand-harvested at peak freshness and immediately put through a minimal process to grind or powder them while they’re still fresh.

Another consideration when it comes to coconut-containing products is that many producers from the West are exploiting their workers in Asia. According to an industry expert quoted in The Guardian, “Around 40-60% of the 3.5 million coconut farmers in the Philippines are living in poverty, on less than a dollar a day.” As the article goes on to note, small scale farmers and harvesters typically use less pesticides (and often none at all), and obtain their coconuts from biodiverse habitats. Such is the case with the coconut that forms the base of our latest product release, HANAH Coffee Boost. We single source our coconut from Kerala, India, which is a veritable Garden of Eden that also supplies the 30 botanicals found in HANAH ONE. Our producers are paid a living wage and source coconut and our other ingredients in a sustainable and ecologically responsible way.

Formulating with ancient ingredients or modern synthetics?

One of the tenets of the Paleo lifestyle is to only consume natural foods that have been around for a long time. Yet the makers of many creamers put in a bevy of substances that would make Victor Frankenstein blush. A popular Huffington Post article posed the question: “If Non-Dairy Coffee Creamer Doesn't Contain Cream, What DOES It Contain?” For starters, nutritional villains like corn syrup, dipotassium phosphate (which is also, disturbingly, used in fertilizer), and artificial sweeteners such as sucralose, which despite being sugar free, can still send blood glucose levels soaring according to the Mayo Clinic.

HANAH Coffee Boost

Here at HANAH, we always choose high-potency natural ingredients rather than synthetic ones that are fashioned by men and women in white lab coats. As such, the only other things we put in HANAH Coffee Boost are three nootropic botanicals that further the brain function-boosting effects of coffee – see increased creativity, faster neural connections, and elevated focus, to name just three. Ashwagandha improves short-term and working memory, as well as relieving stress and anxiety (that’s why it’s classed as an adaptogen as well as a nootropic). Meanwhile, mucuna pruriens lives up to its nickname “the dopamine bean” by boosting mood and improving cognitive performance. Finally, Bacopa monnieri protects the brain by reducing the impact of damaging free radicals.

This trifecta of botanicals blended in precise proportions with premium coconut from the place known as “the land of coconut trees” yields a unique formula that extends the elevating effects of your favorite coffee beans while mitigating the crash. As it’s sugar and dairy free, HANAH Coffee Boost should be your first choice for creamer if you’re following a Paleo, ketogenic, or vegan diet, or just trying to cut out the crap that’s in most similar products. It’s another example of us bringing ancient wisdom to modern living.


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