Angel Collinson + Mark Carter share tips for training

Angel Collinson + Mark Carter share tips for training

When does training for winter start?

Snowsport athletes push their bodies insanely hard in prep for—and during—the winter season. Life on the road chasing snow, hucking (and hopefully landing) cliffs, waking up for dawn patrols, spending long days on skin tracks and an occasional après party can be extremely taxing on the body and mind. That’s where HANAH ONE comes in with adaptogenic superfoods that are easily incorporated into their daily routines.

We asked Angel Collinson and Mark Carter how they know winter has arrived and how they prepare for the winter season to ensure they perform their best and stay healthy. They have markedly different styles, starting with their choice of skis or snowboard (respectively). Let’s take a closer look.

When does winter begin?

Angel moved to Alaska in early 2017 so her summers are shorter than most in the Western hemisphere. She feels winter coming as she pulls on her snow boots, grabs her mittens and starts shoveling snow out of the driveway.

For Carter winter begins as he makes his annual pilgrimage to Jackson Hole, Wyoming. He packs up his life as a rancher in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, for a season tackling snow at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort and beyond.

Angel and Carter both agree that another indicator that winter is near is when the new gear from their sponsors starts arriving on their doorsteps (Carter is sponsored by The North Face, Arbor, Vans, Daneson and James Brand and Angel by Red Bull, The North Face, Volkl/Marker, Smartwool, Smith Optics, Black Diamond). The holidays often come early when you’re a sponsored athlete!

Angel Collinson how she preps for winterOff-season and pre-season fitness

Of the two, Angel has a more traditional ski-racing background that started her on a strict training regime at a very young age. To combat the G-forces that skiing fast and landing hard have on the body, she does body-weight lunges, squats, and one-legged deadlifts. She kicks this program into gear alongside the ski film-touring circuit six to eight weeks prior to ski season as a supplement to the core strength work she does throughout the year. She also understands the importance of staying fit while on the road so does her best to stick to her normal routine even while traveling. 

Carter stays fit year-round on his feet as a full-time rancher in Wyoming. Most days he also does circuit work consisting of pull ups, push ups, and planks. To improve his cardio in a low-impact manner, Carter focuses his activities on mountain biking. The long uphill slogs in the Big Horn mountains get his lungs more than ready for the skin track. Carter informed us that he always includes HANAH ONE in his morning smoothie and brings Go-Packs for himself and his friends to stay nourished on those long days in the saddle or on his board.

Both Angel and Carter emphasized and understand the importance of rest days. While those may come few and far between when the snow is falling, it’s something they take very seriously year round.

Five key takeaways

  1. Don’t lose sight of off-season fitness.
  2. Pre-season preparation is key.
  3. Nutrition is important to boost endurance and recovery during and after activity.
  4. Don’t underestimate the power of recovery days.
  5. Don’t miss; find ways to get a workout in even when you are on the road.








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