Travis Rice would rather be sailing, HANAH Rituals goes to French Polynesia

Travis Rice would rather be sailing, HANAH Rituals goes to French Polynesia

Follow Travis Rice to the South Pacific

Travis Rice needs no introduction. But what some may not know is that the legendary big mountain snowboarder spent the last six years of his offseasons at the helm of his catamaran Falcor.

Travis’s love for the great outdoors began at a young age. He took up snowboarding, then sailing, then learned how to surf. Thus, his ultimate dream to eventually split time between snowboarding big mountains and surfing big waves was born.

After way too much research on boats, he found Falcor, spent three years getting acquainted with her, then sailed her to French Polynesia via the Panama Canal. The boat has played a central role in his life ever since, also appearing in his latest film “The Fourth Phase.” Most importantly though, Falcor and being on the water brought him a sense of balance and peace during an otherwise hectic schedule, and taught him—out of sheer necessity—to be a mechanic, electrician, plumber, medic, gourmet boat chef and tour host.

HANAH caught up with Travis, pro snowboarder Mark Carter and HANAH founder Joel Einhorn on one of Travis’s last days aboard Falcor before he sailed her to Hawaii. Check out what a day in the South Pacific is like for Travis and crew as they hunt for the elusive tiare apetahi flower, and how Travis lives up to his reputation of master boat chef.

Rituals is an exclusive HANAH video series that explores the routines of some of the world’s most inspiring athletes, adventurers and entrepreneurs. In an effort to inspire, motivate and share ideas, they have graciously given us a peek into their own rituals. We hope you enjoy this very personal series.

The necessities aboard Falcor

Vitamix | Nut milk sack | Machete | James Brand Knife 
Gunboat 48 | Riffe Spearfishing Equipment 
Quiksilver Straw Hat | Lib Tech Waterboard surf quiver
HANAH ONE | HANAH Ashwagandha

Travis Rice's Bora Bora Party Time Fruit Bowl

Travis Rice's Bora Bora Party Time Fruit Bowl

Master boat chef Travis Rice shows you don’t have to skimp on eating well while at sea. Check out his recipe for this festive French Polynesian fruit bowl, with step-by-step instructions on how to make your own fresh coconut milk supercharged with adaptogens. Triple this recipe if you need to make it for two more hungry boat hands. 

See the full recipe plus ingredient list here.








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