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HANAH Rituals: Otto Flores finds "flow" at home in Puerto Rico
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HANAH Rituals: Otto Flores finds "flow" at home in Puerto Rico

At the current stage in his life, Otto Flores is looking for "flow." 

If you aren't familiar with Otto Flores, allow us to introduce you to this multi-faceted HANAH Hero. Otto is a world-renowned pro surfer, environmental advocate, ocean safety educator, husband and father of two boys.

He's also an active member of his communities. Raised in Puerto Rico, Otto Flores' roots run deep for the island and its inhabitants. After Hurricane Maria caused catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis in 2017, Otto teamed up with non-profit organization, Waves for Water, to help his neighbors and nation. Together, they provided water to over 70,000 people in need, implemented rainwater and filtration systems and created disaster preparedness sites.

Otto also gives back to his home and the worldwide surfing community by working with Big Wave Risk Assessment Group (B.W.R.A.G.) as an instructor for ocean risk management seminars. The organization educates and trains surfers in ocean safety and rescue protocols.The orgnization has garnered the support of many professional ocean athletes around the world and Otto introduced the B.W.R.A.G. methodology to the Puerto Rico surf community.

Despite his busy schedule, Otto maintains a lifestyle that is rooted in a healthy core—family, surf, environmentalism and wellness. For the latest installment of HANAH Rituals, we caught up with Otto at home in Puerto Rico for the first time in a few years to see how things are going and whether his daily Rituals have changed since his last Rituals episode

He's still busier than ever, balancing family life and surfing with his environmental and non-profit endeavors. To achieve that balance of performance and happiness in his life, Otto channels a "flow state"—that optimum state of mind where we perform our best with heightened focus and immersion.

Reaching that flow can be difficult. For Otto, being at home in Puerto Rico helps, where he's comfortable in his surroundings and things come naturally. And believe it or not, diet can help. There are many herbs and superfoods that work with the chemistry in your brain and body to induce flow.

That's why Otto makes HANAH a part of his daily ritual. In fact, there are 7 flow-inducing adaptogenic herbs in HANAH ONE that target and harmonize any bodily function that requires balance so that one can find increased focus, clarity and energy naturally.

We're honored to call Otto Flores a HANAH Hero and to help support his health and wellbeing so that he can continue to find that "flow" for himself, his family and his community. 

Rituals is an exclusive HANAH video series that explores the daily routines of some of the world’s most inspiring athletes, adventurers and entrepreneurs. In an effort to encourage, motivate and share ideas, they have graciously given us a peek into their own rituals.

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