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HANAH: preserving ancient wisdom for modern living

HANAH: preserving ancient wisdom for modern living

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To the HANAH Family,

Since HANAH was founded, we have always aimed to enrich people's lives by preserving and sharing ancient wisdom from around the world in an approachable way for today's Western lifestyle. HANAH ONE has been our flagship product, but it is merely the beginning for us. This year HANAH will offer new products to enhance well-being and health, but as we grow, we will always remain true to our core mission.

Our mission is guided by four goals that keep us on this path

  1. We will preserve ancient wisdom and remedies and adapt them to our modern lives.
  2. We will be an advocate for the advancement of food as medicine.
  3. We will provide a conscious, effective, high-quality, and reliable source for herbal supplements.
  4. We will maintain a transparent supply chain and business ethos that supports the environments and communities that sustain them.

These are lofty goals, and we’ve demonstrated that we do not take them lightly. The old ways of doing business just do not cut it in 2017, and we aim to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Your Food is Your Medicine

Our advisor Dr. Blaise Aguirre recently pointed out how integrated our health is with all our habits and lifestyle choices. Nowhere is this more true than with our food. The Western way of thinking about health under-emphasizes day-to-day choices and over-emphasizes treatments and medicines. Ayurveda takes the opposite approach, considering your most direct daily interaction with the outside world — the food you put into your body — as a primary source of health and as a vital medicine. HANAH is grounded in this thinking, which is why, for example, we use ingredients like wild-harvested honey, Ayurvedic ghee, plus more than 30 natural herbs, in HANAH ONE to provide your body with a daily dose of powerfully healthy ingredients.     

Use Only the Finest Traditional Ingredients & Processes

As HANAH has grown over the last several years, we have developed rigorous standards for the sourcing and production of the herbs and ingredients in HANAH ONE. We work tirelessly to source the highest quality Ashwagandha, ghee, honey, sesame oil, and herbs. Our herbs are wild-harvested via traditional means, as is our honey and sesame oil. And HANAH ONE is hand-produced using traditional Ayurvedic processes. At HANAH, our goal is to back what we say with only the highest quality products.

Making a Product that Works for the Producer and the Consumer

The journey of all current HANAH products begins in India. We are a company steeped in ancient traditions for modern health and rooted in sustainable practices. Our first product, HANAH ONE, is sourced from India’s western coast. We pay farmers fair wages to harvest honey and to hand pick and pack the herbs. By using traditional methods of harvest and preparation, HANAH helps sustain local economies and workers. We even bought our own Vechur cow and actively support the local university’s veterinary department to ensure that these magical cows remain with us. We partner directly with a well-respected Indian Ayurvedic practitioner to ensure the freshness, potency, and sustainability of all HANAH products. In doing so, everyone involved locally, from the farm to the production, benefits. 

Your Voice is the Most Important

You’re a savvy consumer, you support companies that enrich communities, and you fight for important causes that and are transparent in their business practices. You speak loudly with your purchasing power.

We’re honored to have received so much support from so many of you around our mission and values. We were founded on a desire to develop a sustainable production process that works both for us in the West and for our Indian business partners.

Please continue to be our North Star, and know that you can reach out anytime. We are listening. With several more products to be announced in 2017, you will continue to have the highest quality ingredients available for your daily routine. And we will continue to work to fundamentally change and understand how, why, and even when we integrate healthy supplements into our lives.

Thank you,
From all of us at HANAH


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