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HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn on climate change

HANAH Founder Joel Einhorn on climate change

We all share one world 

Launching a company in this world has plenty of challenges. From product definition and market fit to sourcing and executing the right sales and marketing strategies, it’s not easy. Increasingly, and rightfully so, the health of the earth is intertwined with the pulse and success of any company. Climate change is certainly linked to human activities and impacts everything from the severity of monsoon seasons in India (and flooding in Houston) to the noticeably shorter winters and melting Arctic ice. 

At HANAH, we realize the purest, highest quality and most effective ingredients can only come from healthy nutrient-rich soil. On a planet where everything is interconnected, we are extremely mindful of the delicate ecosystems and the soil from which our products are born. HANAH ONE is produced from wild-harvested herbs, wild Keralan honey and Ayurvedic ghee from the highly revered Vechur cow. Not a single ingredient comes pre-processed, packaged or from areas outside of their natural habitat. The herbs all grow in different locations, at different times of the year, in varying climates and are hand-harvested to preserve both their nutrients and the vital ecosystem in which they grow. Take for example the miniature Vechur cow that is free to graze on a host of herbs and grasses grown from the local mineral-rich soil. This enables them to produce a unique ghee that has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years due to its special healing qualities.

While we often look to modern technology to make us healthier, to compensate for the lack of nutrients found in our modern diet or to feed an ever growing global population, we also overlook what nature has already perfected. Local and community farming, healthy agricultural practices that preserve local ecosystems and ensure nutrient rich foods are produced. This aids in the preservation of ancient Ayurvedic practices that promote food as medicine, consistently produce healthy plants and leave the soil intact so it continues to produce nutritious food.

In addition to mindful business practices, supporting organizations dedicated to protecting, educating and advocating for the environment is a key part of our ethos. We have been inspired by the passionate work of Protect Our Winters (POW), which consistently champions the environment by mobilizing the very same athletes and outdoor enthusiasts who love and cherish the winter season. We are incredibly proud to support their mission to lead the charge for positive climate action. It is nonprofits like POW that drive awareness, educate and have a positive impact by promoting climate change awareness in Washington DC (Jeremy Jones on Capitol Hill) and your local ski slope (carpool day in SLC!).

POW Winter Capitol Hill Protect our Winters Jeremy Jones in Washington DC
Make your voice heard on climate change, no matter what advocacy group you support. Get involved in local politics, know the positions of your senators and representative. Make a recurring donation to the Nature Conservancy or The Sierra Club. Buy a weekly local CSA (community supported agriculture) box and eat veggies that are in season. Carpool to the slopes. Ride a bike. As a consumer, your dollars matter. Even the smallest efforts can have an impact on tackling climate change.

Joel Einhorn, Founder of HANAH


Photo credits (in order): Dustin Lalik, Ajay Menon, Forest Woodward

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