HANAH winter giveaway

HANAH winter giveaway


Four lucky winners will receive a HANAH Winter Giveaway Kit. What you will win:

Yeti Drinkware: Everyone needs a Yeti Rambler to transport their HANAH coffee, tea or smoothie. Keep them hot or cold with one large (20 ounce) and one small (14 ounce) Yeti.

Wedderspoon: Makers of the world's finest raw manuka honey. Add this beautifully thick honey to everything from your oatmeal to warm drinks. You’ll get one jar of honey and a package of organic manuka drops.

MANDA: Protect your skin from the powerful rays of winter with MANDA Organic Sun Paste. MANDA has your nose, ears and face covered! Each winner will receive one tub of their signature sun paste.

HANAH: The endurance boost, improved mental clarity and strengthened immune system that the combo of HANAH ONE and HANAH Ashwagandha provides will crank up your winter performance. Greater than the sum of its parts, our flagship product HANAH ONE is 30 wild-harvested herbs in a base of honey, ghee and sesame oil. HANAH Ashwaganda is a powerful adaptogenic herb used to promote physical and mental health, bring the body into balance and increase longevity. Add both of these superfoods to your hot drinks, oatmeal, smoothies, eat them straight off the spoon or simply bring a HANAH ONE Go-Pack with you for easy fuel on the go. We’ll include two jars of HANAH ONE, six HANAH ONE Go-Packs and a jar of Ashwagandha.

Mountain Hub: Mountain Hub is a community-fueled app for people who love the great outdoors. Join like-minded outdoor professionals and enthusiasts across the globe on their quests and share your greatest adventures from your backyard and beyond. You will receive a custom sweatshirt from Mountain Hub.

Learn more about each participating brand:  Yeti Drinkware | Manda | Wedderspoon | Mountain Hub | HANAH








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