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Give the gift of vitality this holiday season
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Give the gift of vitality this holiday season

This year, when you’re considering what to gift your family and friends for the holidays, why not get them something that will truly make a difference in their lives?

On the surface, “vitality” refers to having physical and mental energy, but when you look deeper, it’s so much more than that. It means the capacity to live, grow, and develop. It’s the feeling of aliveness, and even more, with an infusion of positive energy and a sense of meaning and purpose.

Long-term vitality is what we aim to achieve and share in the creation of HANAH and our mission to promote the power of ancient nutrition for modern living.

Think: More energy and focus to devote to your work, hobbies and loved ones. Better mood and less stress while navigating the stressors of modern life. Feeling a physical and mental strength and endurance that raises your baseline and allows you to push your boundaries—whether that’s leveling up at the gym, or finally starting that language course you’ve been talking about.

Isn’t that the type of gift you’d like to give (or receive) this holiday season? Keep reading for our recommendations for the best HANAH products for everyone on your list.

For the fitness fanatic

When it comes to fitness, exercise is only a piece of the plan. Training and nutrition go hand in hand and it’s important to feed the body well with quality foods and trusted supplements to create a healthy environment for the body to grow, recover and respond to demanding physical goals.

  • HANAH ONE: Its complete herbal formula supplies vital nutrients that are needed for glandular and enzymatic activities, helping maintain body metabolism during physical activities. Honey, sesame oil and ayurvedic ghee work to transport the potent ingredients deep into the body and tissues as well as providing fuel to burn fat and provide essential nutrients during exercise.
  • HANAH Ashwagandha+: With an abundance of antioxidants, iron and amino acids, ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs for physical health and restoring the body. Published medical studies have found that it improves cardiorespiratory endurance and muscle strength as well as aids in muscle repair, growth and recovery.

For the coffee (or tea) lover

What if you could make coffee perform better? That’s exactly what we set out to do with HANAH Coffee Boost. It allows coffee lovers to keep everything they love about their daily cup of joe, but eliminates the things they don’t, like caffeine spikes and crashes. Making a daily ritual out of HANAH ONE is the perfect compliment to coffee, with its healthy fats and pure ingredients providing clean fuel that lasts all day.

  • HANAH Coffee Boost: Our blend of three nootropic herbs (Ashwagandha, Mucuna pruriens and Bacopa monnieri) with coconut milk powder, is designed to naturally supercharge your daily coffee (or tea) ritual. Together these ingredients help to support brain function, boost mood, soothe the nervous system and help the body adapt to stress. And the best part? The healthy fats in coconut milk slow and even out the absorption of caffeine, helping to eliminate the typical spike and crash.
  • HANAH ONE: The perfect compliment to coffee, HANAH ONE is an energy-boosting, nutrient-rich herbal supplement meticulously crafted with only pure ingredients. The wholesome, wild-harvested herbs are absorbed by the body much like healthy food would be, only the delivery method of honey, ghee and sesame oil speeds up the process and allows the ingredients to travel deeper into the body. The result is clean, sustainable fuel to power your day-to-day achievements.

For the beauty enthusiast

Beauty starts from the inside. Fight free radicals and promote healthy cell regeneration while expelling damaged cells and toxins with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herbs and ingredients.

  • Coffee Boost Beauty: This powerful blend combines coconut milk powder with four powerful herbs (Turmeric, Holy basil, Acacia catechu and Indian madder) known for their rich antioxidant, adaptogenic and anti-inflammatory properties that help protect cells from free radical damage and support radiant skin and healthy hair.
  • HANAH ONE: Several herbs in HANAH ONE, such as turmeric, ashwagandha, gotu kola, holostemma, amalaki and punarnava, are known in Ayurveda for their anti-aging effects and benefits to the skin.

For the 9-5er

Maintain natural energy levels throughout the day, say goodbye to the mid-afternoon crash and help support the body’s ability to handle stress and balance hormones with adaptogenic herbs. Adaptogens are an elite class of herbs that help the body’s ability to adapt to stress and impart strength, energy, stamina, endurance, and improve mental clarity. Research backs up these claims, suggesting that adaptogens do have the potential to reduce stress, improve attention, increase endurance, and fight fatigue.

  • HANAH ONE: Includes 7 adaptogenic herbs, including ashwagandha, amalaki, gotu kola, turmeric, shatavari, licorice and long pepper. These adaptogens help to balance out the negative effects on internal health from the stressors of modern life.
  • HANAH Ashwagandha+: Medical researchers are fascinated with ashwagandha and have conducted hundreds of scientific studies on its healing powers. Research has shown this super-herb supports mental clarity, concentration and alertness. It can improve energy, performance and sleep while at the same time reducing stress, anxiety and fatigue.

For the thrill seeker

Elite climber, adventure athlete and Oscar-winning filmmaker Jimmy Chin is certainly what we think of as a “thrill seeker,” having made a career out of scaling to unthinkable heights and dangling off the side of dizzying cliffsides. According to Jimmy, HANAH products are with him wherever he goes, helping him push boundaries and powering some of his most thrilling (and frankly dealth-defying) feats.

  • Jimmy Chin Signature Series: Jimmy curated three of his go-to HANAH products, HANAH ONE Go-Packs, Ashwgandha+ and Turmeric+. Jimmy relied on this trio when filming his Academy Award-winning documentary “Free Solo,” to enhance his focus, energy levels, and help bolster his immune system.

For the frequent traveler

Did you know that research shows we're 100x more likely to catch a cold on an airplane?⁠

The culprit? A weakened immune system.⁠ The environmental conditions of aircrafts—while allowing the plane to fly safely—suppresses immune function.⁠ Dehydration, digestive dysregulation, disrupted sleep, impaired circulation—they're all results of travel, and they all weaken the immune system.⁠

  • HANAH ONE Go-Packs: HANAH ONE’s complete formula promotes nutritional at all levels— from macro to micro-cellular level. This replenishes vitality within the body and boosts the immune system so that the body can more effectively ward off illnesses, stressors and disease. The effects are cumulative and build over time with a daily routine, but the TSA-friendly Go-Packs provide that extra boost of support on travel day.⁠
  • HANAH Shilaijt: Referred to as “the destroyer of weakness,” Shilait contains 85 potent phytonutrients, including a broad spectrum of fulvic and humic acids. These are all in ionic form, which means they’re readily absorbed by your body. It also contains a wide range of minerals, including zinc, magnesium, and manganese, all of which are involved in hundreds of processes in the body – such as regulating organ function, managing hydration levels, and metabolizing energy.

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