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Top 5 reasons HANAH ONE is so popular

Top 5 reasons HANAH ONE is so popular

1. It combines 30 carefully selected herbs in one powerful formula.

HANAH ONE blends 30 wild-harvested herbs and adaptogens, including turmeric, ashwagandha, amalaki and shatavari, with artisanal ghee, sesame oil and Keralan mountain honey. No chemicals, additives or artificial ingredients, ever. The result is an extremely powerful herbal tonic that detoxifies the system and brings the body into its optimal state. As you read through the list of ingredients, you’ll find healing and energizing herbs, antioxidants and anti-inflammatories. This synergistic blend is created specifically for modern life and the toll it takes on our bodies. We purposefully select every ingredient with distinct benefits in mind, like a coach designing a program by working backwards from their game-day goals. We also consider how each one will complement the others, so that the sum is greater than the parts.

2. It’s made from only the purest ingredients, hand-harvested in their natural environments.

At HANAH, we see food as medicine and we understand that not all ingredients are created equal. Our ingredients are the product of a richly varied multi-culture environment fed by natural springs and rainwater unspoiled by chemicals. Our harvesters don’t cultivate traditional crops in the way of Western agriculture, they instead allow nature to take its course by wild harvesting the desired botanicals in their natural environments on an as needed basis. In addition, to ensure the efficacy of our ingredients are preserved, we use traditional processing methods that leave the plants properties intact and do not destroy the phytochemicals or nutrients that are often lost when using quick, intensive, high-heat extraction methods.

3. It’s based on 4,000 years of ancient medicinal knowledge. 

After an Ayurvedic practitioner helped HANAH’s founder, Joel Einhorn, recover from a life-threatening bicycle accident, he was inspired to create a traditional superfood for the modern world. The Ayurvedic practitioner, Dr. V.A. Venugopal, felt passionately about spreading Ayurveda around the world, and so the two teamed up to ultimately create HANAH ONE. Over the course of a few years, the duo tested several formulas until they tapped into a 4,000-year-old recipe that contained roughly 30 wild-harvested herbs mixed into a base of wild honey, Ayurvedic ghee and sesame oil. They found that this mixture led to optimal absorption by the body, and the results were profound! In Ayurveda, HANAH ONE is considered a rasayana, which is meant to transport nutrients throughout the body to nourish cells and organs. This encourages the growth of new cells, while expelling damaged cells and toxins, to promote the vigor and health that comes with deep systematic cleansing and regeneration. For 4,000 years, Ayurveda has been using rasayanas to improve energy, clarity, recall and overall well being.

4. Its production is sustainable and supports local communities in Kerala, India.

At HANAH, our priorities do not end with creating a high-quality supplement. We are just as committed to maintaining the health of the natural environment, the sustainability of the crops and the livelihood of the local communities. To source the best ingredients, we turn to local harvesters and cultivators who have a deep respect for the environment and the soil. These harvesters don’t cultivate traditional crops in the way of Western agriculture—they instead allow nature to take its course by wild harvesting the desired botanicals in their natural environments on an as needed basis. This leaves the source unspoiled and allows the herbs to continue growing year after year. We believe that all our local partners deserve to be compensated fairly for their efforts and expertise so that they can provide a living for their families and pass on their eco-friendly and sustainable practices to their children.

5. It delivers results you can feel.

Because of the purity and quality of our ingredients, HANAH ONE delivers results you can feel. It is both a supplement for dietary deficiencies and balances out the negative effects on internal health from poor nutrition, unhealthy lifestyles and internal stress. The unique herbal makeup of HANAH ONE is equivalent to taking a combination of brain tonic, health supplements, multivitamins, immune modulators and energy supplements. This is why consistent usage of HANAH ONE balances both our inside and outside vitality, which in turn continues to gradually improve our health the longer we use it. With a daily routine, HANAH ONE has been shown to increase energy and stamina, improve focus and mental clarity, strengthen the immune system and improve digestion.

Learn more about HANAH and our flagship product HANAH ONE:

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