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Bibi McGill—Yogi, Beyonce's guitarist, and now HANAH Hero!

Bibi McGill—Yogi, Beyonce's guitarist, and now HANAH Hero!

Introducing Bibi McGill

Bibi McGill defies the mold. An internationally renowned guitarist, she is not your typical rock star. The Portland-based musician, who toured with Pink and Paulina Rubio before spending 8 years as lead guitarist and musical director of Beyoncé’s all-female band, is also an acclaimed yoga teacher, wellness educator and health food entrepreneur.

Raised in Denver, Colorado, Bibi McGill discovered yoga in 1996 and has since traveled the world studying classical eight-limbed yoga systems. As she advocates making yoga available to everyone, her down-to-earth, authentic nature inspires individuals to realize potential for embracing their true selves. Bibi leads classes and workshops at studios and festivals around the globe and in her hometown of Portland. Through her involvement with organizations like Street Yoga, Living Yoga, Peace In Schools and various alternative schools, Bibi also spreads the message of healing and wellness to youth, drawing on her own experience finding courage through yoga, and employing adept sensitivity to support populations who have undergone trauma.

Her HANAH ONE review:

"Just a couple of hours after taking my first tablespoon, I felt like I got a blast of rocket fuel! It wasn't jittery, instead it was a natural and clean energyI felt invincible. I also noticed I had sharp focus and clarity of mind more than I ever imagined I would (as a dedicated meditator and practitioner of yoga). Overall I just feel incredibly strong and have been able to multitask without distraction, getting more done than usual. This is a true super food for the true super human!"

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