HANAH Heroes

HANAH Heroes

HANAH supports some of the world’s top athletes, adventurers, creatives, and entrepreneurs.


Jimmy Chin

Jimmy Chin’s accomplishments, awards and recognitions are way too numerous to count. He excels both behind the lens of a camera and also leading expeditions to the end of the earth. He seamlessly produces amazing content for magazines like National Geographic and brands like The North Face. He moves all over the globe but always finds his home back in Jackson, WY. Chin loves HANAH ONE because of its benefits to his feelings of wellbeing and endurance while out on the trail. Whether out on one more lap on the Grand Teton or dealing with major elevation in the Himalaya, he can trust the clean boost that a HANAH ONE Go-Pack provides.

Jeremy Jones

Jeremy Jones has spent a lifetime in front of the camera and has inspired a generation of snowboarders. Now, a household name in the snow scene, he is using his weight to raise awareness of the impacts of climate change. His organization, Protect Our Winters (POW), has become the leading organization in the snow sports community. HANAH is proud to be keeping him on top of his mental game while on this increasingly important crusade.

Angel Collinson

Angel Collinson grew up skiing in the heart of the Wasatch. And while she has ventured out for every sort of adventure, always returns home to Utah. She was also living out of a van before it was the cool thing to do, playing in the big Western mountains with her parents and brother. Angel is a true ambassador for protecting the planet, and we’re proud she takes HANAH ONE with her on her epic journeys.

Travis Rice

Travis Rice’s snowboard exploits are second-to-none. From Winter X Games gold medals to legendary performances in dozens of snowboard movies such as “The Art of Flight” & ‘The Fourth Phase’, Rice has spun and flipped himself into one of the most influential snowboarders of all time. Travis is also extremely health conscious and believes in looking at food as medicine. We’re stoked to work with him and to see the amazing places he takes HANAH ONE.

Bibi McGill

An internationally renowned guitarist, Bibi is not your typical rock star. The Denver-raised musician, who toured with Pink and Paulina Rubio and spent 8 years as lead guitarist and musical director of Beyoncé’s all-female band, is also an acclaimed yoga teacher, wellness educator and health food entrepreneur. Known for turning Beyonce’s world tour into a traveling wellness retreat, Bibi’s well-rounded approach to self care inspires others to adopt restorative routines. In 2014, she left life on the road and settled in Portland, Oregon, where she leads yoga classes and workshops and shares her love of mindfulness, healthy eating, and of course, music. She has her own line of kale chips, is a guest speaker at events around the world, and supports Peace In Schools, a non-profit that spreads the message of mindfulness to teens.


Kit DesLauriers

Champion skier, accomplished ski mountaineer, published author, and frequent history maker, Kit’s roster of accomplishments and accolades are awe-inspiring. She is the first person to ski from all the Seven Summits—the highest mountain on each of the seven continents—after climbing them of course. She also made several first ski descents in the Brooks Range of Alaska and is the first woman to win two consecutive world freeskiing championship titles. You can see why she was honored as a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year in 2015 and one of Outside Magazine’s Top 25 Athletes of the Year. Living in the Teton Range of Wyoming with her husband Rob and two daughters, she continues to balance a professional athletic career, epic ski expeditions, raising a family, and advocating for the environment with a grace and dedication that inspires us all.

Taro Tamai

Taro splits his seasons into two passions...snowboarding and surfing. He founded Gentemstick, which pioneered the ‘short board revolution’, spawning a new ‘Snowsurf’ board whose shortness allows for more aggressive maneuvers on snow. A pioneer for both snow and surf seasons, Taro has also taken an extreme liking to the benefits of HANAH ONE. Life is too short to not pursue your passions and HANAH ONE allows Taro to catch one more wave or make one more epic run on his world famous board.

Rip Zinger

Rip Zinger is the consummate ambassador. A liaison for many who have come to Japan in search of the famous winter pow, he’s known for uttering the words,“Go here and do this, go there and do that. Go here and meet this guy.” He’s got your back...and now HANAH ONE has his. When traveling the globe for Stussy, book signings, skateboarding, or photography he’s got his jar of One with him as his daily superfood.

Otto Flores

Otto Flores resides...wherever the waves are good. He technically calls Puerto Rico home, but he’s known to drop everything to chase the pipe dream. An accomplished competition rider from a young age, he left the circuit so he could seek out the biggest waves around the world. Now, after many cover shots and still a lot left in the tank, has found the benefits of HANAH ONE to give him a clean boost while jet-setting around the world.

Mark Carter

Mark Carter is a rancher and outdoorsman who happens to be pretty awesome at snowboarding. Sponsored for the latter activity for the last twenty years while keeping his ranch hand fresh as well, he truly embodies the modern outdoorsman. We at HANAH love to know that we’re with him from activities as varied as snowboarding to herding.

Nicole Duke

Nicole Duke crushes at sports. For over 20 years, she has been a sponsored athlete and recently was crowned the Masters Cyclocross Champion after taking a brief (and successful) foray into the whitewater stand-up paddling scene. HANAH ONE provides Nicole with the focus and stamina she needs to stay on top.

HANAH Organization Heroes

The Tour of California

HANAH ONE is proud to be a sponsor of the most important cycling races in the USA, the Tour of California. While HANAH’s heart and soul is in India, its home is in California, especially the cycling community. Come check us out in 2017!


Summit Series gathers the world’s leading-edge changemakers and thought leaders to create a community that’s equipped to take on the world’s most pressing issues. Whether it’s a 4-day cruise sailing through international waters or atop a mountain peak, HANAH can be found supporting the Summit community in all its endeavors. We’re proud to stand with you, Summit.

Medicine Wheel in Jackson Hole, WY

Our first presence in a brick-and-mortar store and a shop worthy of HANAH! We’re excited to continue working with such amazing people in such a perfect community.



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