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Article: 3 reasons to choose HANAH for your supplement and vitamin needs

3 reasons to choose HANAH for your supplement and vitamin needs

3 reasons to choose HANAH for your supplement and vitamin needs

With thousands of nutritional supplements on the market promising the same thing, how do you cut through the noise and really decide which is the best to take for your needs?

1: Laboratory vs nature

Most mainstream supplements these days are unfortunately produced in labs using chemicals instead of real food.

HANAH goes straight to the source, as nature intended, with products that are 100% natural. Our ingredients are wild-grown and hand-harvested. Learn more about our sourcing here.

2: Whole-food supplements vs isolated compounds

For years supplement companies have been releasing single-vitamin supplements (1,200 mg vitamin C gummy, anyone?) to only later discover after further testing and analysis that certain compounds need other compounds to be both effective and safe.

HANAH products utilize the entire plant where possible and combine ingredients to create balance. Our flagship product, HANAH ONE, is a blend of 30 whole herbs and superfruits in a whole-food base of wild honey, ghee and sesame oil. This blend was designed with a synergistic balance of tried-and-true Ayurvedic herbs, fats and carbs that nourishes the entire body, not just a single channel.

3: Don't throw your body out of balance

With HANAH, get the supplement and nutrition you are looking for without throwing your system off balance.

A formula must provide correct ingredient ratios to be effective. Unfortunately in the supplement world a lot of this is guesswork, but with whole foods and herbs the guesswork is removed.

HANAH ONE contains whole plants, fruits, herbs and foods blended in a way that creates a sum stronger than its parts.

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