Morning Buzz – HANAH ONE & Coffee Boost

Morning Buzz – HANAH ONE & Coffee Boost

Morning Buzz – HANAH ONE & Coffee Boost

Get your day on the right track with these two powerful products. 

Coffee Boost

Fortify your cup of coffee with brain-boosting herbal nootropic power and protect your bodily systems from the stresses of our modern world.

  • Improve and sustain concentration, focus, mood and memory
  • Diminish the spike and crash of caffeine
  • Help the brain and body adapt to stress

It all comes down to three key ingredients inside HANAH Coffee Boost. Together, these herbs combine to offer improved cognitive function, reduced stress and anxiety, increased focus, and more.

Our unique formula retains all of the things that make you look forward to your daily coffee ritual, while removing some of the potential pitfalls - like the crash, jitters, and sleep interference.

Getting started with a daily dose of Coffee Boost is easy. Briskly stir a rounded teaspoon into your favorite cup of coffee, or blend into teas, smoothies or even warm water for a simple herbal tonic.


Use HANAH ONE for a daily, sustainable, slow burn of stamina with effects that last and build over time. 

  • Boost your immune system
  • Eliminate that mid-afternoon mental fog
  • Improve energy and increase stamina

The 30 herbs in HANAH ONE each have a role of their own, but are also working together for maximum effect. The renowned herbs and adaptogens in this blend have stood the test of time. Jar contains about 24 servings. 


Visit our individual product pages for more information about each product.

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