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Reduces inflammation in the body

Supports joint mobility

Supports brain health & cognitive function

Promotes healthy digestion

  • Description


HANAH Turmeric+ is the only powdered turmeric root and black pepper blend grown in the pristine, mineral-rich soils of Bhutan. Hand-harvested following ancient Bhutanese medicinal practices, our turmeric root is cultivated at its peak potency and then blended with black pepper to ensure optimal bioavailability and efficacy.

  • How to Use

Serving size: 2-4 capsules per day

The suggested dosage for HANAH Turmeric+ is 2-4 capsules per day, with or without a food. Since the active compound in Turmeric (curcumin) is fat soluble and also performs well when combined with other herbs, we recommend taking it with the healthy fats and 30 herbs in HANAH ONE to increase absorption and efficacy.

Shelf life: HANAH Turmeric+ is best used within 2-3 years of opening.

  • Key Ingredients

HANAH Turmeric+ contains wild-harvested turmeric root and black pepper.

To maximize the bioavailability and efficacy of curcumin—the compound in turmeric credited with most of its health benefits—we combine turmeric root with black pepper. The active compound in black pepper, called piperine, enhances curcumin absorption by up to 2,000%. This synergistic blend ensures that your body can fully harness the transformative power of turmeric.

I try out supplements with a lot of due diligence. I had a pretty big health encounter in 2016 and I’m very selective. Hannah one has been a huge addition to my health care routine. The impact has been incredible and I have recommended this and bought this for several friends!

Anonymous on Nov 30, 2023

We enjoy it. Helps us focus on the mornings. Give a calming feeling

Ronn M. on Nov 19, 2023

Feeling great after 1 month.

Anonymous on Jan 15, 2024