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Professional snowboarder Mark Carter shares his daily tips for staying healthy during winter

Professional snowboarder Mark Carter shares his daily tips for staying healthy during winter

Mark Carter's top tip for eating while training

Mark Carter is a third-generation rancher and outdoorsman who happens to be a pretty damn good snowboarder too. He’s been riding professionally and traveling the world the last 10 years thanks to his gracefully gritty style and sponsors like The North Face and Arbor Snowboards. In the offseason, he spends his days at his family ranch in Ten Sleep, Wyoming, herding cattle and helping his brother RC run Carter Country Meats. He uses HANAH daily to maintain his edge on big days and stay healthy.

We reached out to Carter to get his latest tips and tricks for sliding into the second part of winter strong and healthy. 

Wake up + morning brew

When Carter rolls out of bed (most of the time way before the sun rises), he cranks up the stove and makes enough espresso to caffeinate a small army. While he sips on most of it throughout the day, he does take two shots mixed with hot water, HANAH Coffee Boost, Ashwagandha+ and Vechur Ghee. Check out his recipe here

Chia power

Carter also prioritizes what he first puts in his body each day… a consistent concoction of 2 tablespoons of chia seeds and a healthy splash of apple cider vinegar all mixed in water. This really helps get his digestive tract on track before heading out the door. 

HANAH Hero Mark Carter & HANAH ONE Go-Pack

Pocket power

If you’ve ever been fortunate to hang around Carter, you know he always has HANAH Go-Packs ready… and he’s always willing to share if you ask nicely. It’s once he leaves the house when he takes his first HANAH ONE hit of the day. The sustainable energy he gets for long days on the mountain or on the ranch is undeniable. 

Self preservation

With shorter days comes a little variation in Carter’s routine as well. In the winter he prioritizes the sauna whenever he can and commits to drinking a lot more water. He also makes sure he gets a healthy dose of extra sleep to aid with recovery from long, cold days in the mountains.

“I wake up and use HANAH every morning. This has been one of my heaviest riding seasons I've ever experienced, and I feel like the addition of HANAH ONE to my daily ritual has really helped keep my energy levels up and prevented me from being sick once this year.” – HANAH Hero Mark Carter

None of this is rocket science, but it’s helped Mark Carter achieve a super long career with brands like The North Face, Arbor Snowboards and a laundry list of other sponsors. We’re glad we can be a big part of his program and know that his tips and tricks can be implemented by everyone, whether you’re spending long days in the mountains as well, or wanting to be at the peak of your work productivity throughout winter.   

HANAH Hero Mark Carter Photo Cred: Clayton Boyd

Main image shot by Andrew Miller
Black and white shot by Clayton Boyd

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