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Introducing HANAH Cordyceps+, wild-harvested from the Bhutanese Himalayas

Introducing HANAH Cordyceps+, wild-harvested from the Bhutanese Himalayas

Wild-harvested from the land of herbal medicine

We’re excited to announce the launch of HANAH Cordyceps+, our first product from the kingdom of Bhutan, known as the “land of herbal medicine.” HANAH Cordyceps+ is a powerful combination of wild Bhutanese Cordyceps sinensis, a rare Himalayan medicinal mushroom, with eight other herbs and minerals all wild harvested from the untouched Bhutanese Himalayas. The blend is an ancient recipe based on the texts of Sowa-Rigpa, the centuries-old Tibetan traditional medical system, which is similar to Ayurveda.

HANAH and Joel Einhorn visit Bhutan

Benefits: The gold of the Himalayas

Wild Cordyceps sinensis, one of the nine active ingredients in HANAH Cordyceps+, is a medicinal fungus that grows off the mummified remains of the ghost moth caterpillar at altitudes above 14,000 feet. This caterpillar-fungus fusion is the world’s most expensive biological resource and has been used for thousands of years in Eastern medicine to improve mental and physical performance, longevity, vitality and immunity. Traditional Eastern healers have recommend Cordyceps sinensis, also called Yarsagumba or “winter worm, summer grass,” for all diseases either as a single medicine or combined with other herbs. Often nicknamed the ‘athlete’s ally,’ Cordyceps sinensis is also known for its ability to enhance athletic performance.

Bhutanese Cordyceps sinensis: The real deal 

We get our Cordyceps sinensis from the Himalayas of Bhutan where the harvest season is limited to one month to protect the environment and the sustainability of the Cordyceps.

Due to the rarity, limited harvesting season and high-cost, the majority of Cordyceps on the market are not genuine wild-harvested Cordyceps sinensis, but rather, are artificially grown in a lab. Some are grown on sterile grain and actually contain more starch than medicinal compounds. There is a big difference between wild and cultivated Cordyceps. Studies have shown that wild Cordyceps are richer in certain chemical and biological components and that the proportions and amounts of certain elements are different, thus impacting efficacy. In a nutshell, wild Cordyceps are rare, precious and more effective.

HANAH Cordyceps+ 

In addition to the small but mighty Cordyceps sinensis, there are eight other powerful ingredients in HANAH Cordyceps+, including shilajit, ashwagandha, sea buckthorn, Solomon’s seal, shatavari, rhododendron, panchaule and pushkarmool. Every ingredient is naturally harvested in an eco-friendly and sustainable manner in Bhutan following traditional medicinal practices. HANAH Cordyceps+is both Yin and Yang in nature and it is an ultimate Qi tonic and adaptogenic herb.

How to take it

We recommend taking 2-3 capsules daily (with HANAH ONE to enhance absorption) to support mental and physical performance, longevity, vitality and immunity.

HANAH Cordyceps+ Product Page

Check out our ingredients page for an in depth look at what each ingredient looks like, their benefits and more about their sourcing here.

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*Individual results may vary. This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

HANAH visits Bhutan: landscape pictures from the Land of Herbal medicine

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